Logo design: this really matters.

Logo design is not just a question of creation, of beauty. Even if you are a wireless charging pad (e.g. Circacharge UK), you need to have a great logo. The logo design needs information from marketing first, not the fine arts. Because it should not only be pretty but above all work about the company’s purpose.

The logo is one of the most critical elements in the corporate design of any company. A good logo will always stay in the back of the potential customer’s mind. Large corporations know the power of internationally recognized logos and spend millions of dollars to brand their business. In doing so, they strive to make their logo; their brand appears omnipresent. It can be found on the stationery. Every email sent, the doorbell and many other things. It’s like the face of a company, so it must be designed accordingly carefully.


The brand determines the logo.

The brand represents the entire company. They are starting with the idea, the employees, the office space, the affiliate marketing and the advertising. The brand is everything.

On the other hand, the logo is only one, albeit the most important, graphics element that is used to visualize the brand. By fighting on the front line, it plays an immensely important role in the overall impact of a company and is usually the first thing people will think of when describing a brand.

A really good logo doesn’t take much.¬†Less is more. If this sentence is even valid, it is with an optimal logo.


Practical tips of logo design

1. File formats

Depending on where the logo is to be used, certain more technical framework conditions must be observed. Different uses require different file formats, resolutions and so on.


2. Proportions

A good logo should not only works on the internet, Like website, social media profiles, but also on letterhead and in general in the print area for advertisements and flyers. Therefore, the logo should not have any unusual proportions that cannot be reproduced well in the typical grid of common print products.


3. Timeless design

Fashion doesn’t play a role in logo design. It is certainly conceivable to adapt your own logo to current web design trends. However, this should always be done very carefully and while maintaining the relevant design elements. Because in principle, the logo should remain constant over the life of the brand, be timeless.

And then you get to practice your logo design. Here DesignEvo online tool can be a choice.

DesignEvo is an online tool to design a logo from scratch for any of your projects. You can base your logo design on one of the templates in their catalog or start designing from a white background to bring your business to life.


How to create a logo in a few steps with DesignEvo

With DesignEvo software, which can be accessed directly through the browser, you can design the logo you need for any project, even if you are on a tight budget.

Registration is free, and you can do it using your email address or your Facebook or Google account. From that moment on, you can design different logos and make modifications to the designs until you get what best suits your needs.

DesignEvo has ten thousand of templates grouped by categories to search by keywords in a catalog where you can also search. This is very useful, for example, to find logos similar to a design that you really like or to explore a combination of concepts for your brand.

On the other hand, DesignEvo allows you to create logos from scratch, from varied graphic elements such as geometric shapes, lines, icons and, of course, text fragments available for the brand name or to add a subtitle or slogan.

Once the DesignEvo account is created, you can start designing from a white background or from the template catalog. Graphic and text elements are handled in a similar way to those found in other tools such as Canva or DesignCap.

You can save multiple draft designs until you get the final version. The whole process is free, and if you want the logo in high quality, you will only pay at the end, when you have finished the changes and have to download the final file.


DesignEvo plans and pricing

DesignEvo’s logo design tool offers three different plans, depending on each project’s needs and the quality of the final graphic files.

The free plan allows you to download the logo in low-resolution PNG or JPG format (maximum 300 px), in exchange for citing the tool with which you created it.

There is an intermediate plan for 24.99 dollars, with which you will have the logo available in high resolution (up to 5000 px), both in PNG and JPG format and a PNG file with a transparent background.

The complete option for creating professional logos can be purchased for $49.99. This is the only DesignEvo plan with which we will have the logo available in high resolution not only in JPG and PNG, but also in a vector file, and with the possibility of separately downloading the texts in the typeface used.

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