Your Mercedes car is undoubtedly one of your most prized possessions. A symbol of luxury, status, and faultless engineering, it is a source of pride and prestige. Just as you wouldn’t entrust your health and well-being to the hands of just any doctor, it goes without saying that you would have the same concern when it comes to your Mercedes car. You need to ensure that the Mercedes car service center Dubai you choose is right for you and your car. Here are some of the factors that you should consider when choosing your Mercedes center:

Skilled Workforce:

Mercedes Benz in UAE is known for its highly qualified workforce. There are many actions undertaken by the company to develop vocational support and their trainers are globally qualified. As a result, you can generally rest assured that your car will always be inexpertly professional, trained, and qualified hands. For added assurance, you can check that the Mercedes car service center Dubai you choose has a full roster of Diagnostic Technicians, Systems Technicians, Maintenance Technicians, Advisors, and Parts Specialists.

Service Products:

All Mercedes Benz service centers in UAE should be able to offer you the following products:


Mercedes Benz cars come with 2 years standard warranty and a 1 year Star Care program. Star Care Plus enables you to extend your warranty, without any mileage restriction, for an additional year post the standard three years warranty period detailed above.

• On-Road Assistance Programme:

This program enables you to avail of break-down assistance from anywhere across the country. From vehicle towing to medical assistance, accommodation, air travel, and mobility solutions are provided in case your car is immobilized for any reason.

• STAR EASE Service Package:

This package lets you minimize your service waiting period, ensures quicker procedures, priority handling, and specifies a fixed cost for maintenance based on your car’s model, mileage, and contract period.

Make sure that the center you choose offers the above-mentioned service products for an elevated service experience.

• 24-hour Service:

Before you choose a car service center Dubai that offers you a Mercedes service, you need to enquire whether they are capable of offering you 24-hour service. All Mercedes Benz car service center Dubai is expected to offer this. 24 hours service not only ensure that your car is serviced and delivered to you in a shorter span but also that you can always have some service at hand no matter the time of day or night. Remember, this is not to be confused with On-Road Assistance but is a separate benefit that any authentic Mercedes car service center Dubai should provide.

Once you are assured that the car service center Dubai you pick for Mercedes service and conforms to the above-mentioned expectations, you can safely and securely entrust your Mercedes car to their hands. Also, make sure they wash your car. Car wash Dubai service centers provide these services to their clients.