Woocommerce Catalog Mode

If you are looking for a tool to easily manage prices displayed on the product, category pages, and tag pages, the WooCommerce “Hide Price & Hide Add to Cart Button” plugin is actually what you want.

WooCommerce “Hide Price & Hide Add to Cart” Button Plugin by Motif Creatives hides the price and “Add to cart” button for specific products or whole categories. It manipulates the prices displayed from customer groups, store views, and countries. If the product price automatically gets hidden, the same happens to the “Add to cart” button. You can personalize the button text and display messages to make your pricing policy flexible and adaptable.

WooCommerce User Role Based Pricing

WooCommerce Role Based Plugin, which allows you to enable your shop catalog mode. Using WooCommerce User Role Based Plugin, you can set any price for different user roles..

This plugin lets you modify product prices based on user roles. Price modifications can be done at the product level. The plugin also provides the ability to change shipping charges based on user roles. If you want to hide or make an empty price for a specific position, you can choose to do so.

WooCommerce Show Product Description in Loop Plugin

WooCommerce Product Description in Loop Plugin by Motif Creatives enables you to show the product short description/data in the loop at the shop page and single product page at any location.

By using the WooCommerce Product Description in Loop Plugin, you have full freedom to show your product description on your home page or a single product page. So that customers can find all the info they expect and purchase your products faster.