With the advent of co-working spaces, serviced office space, shared offices, and virtual office concepts, the demand for the swankiest traditional offices is fast becoming insignificant. Today, companies seek working areas that emphasize employee comfort, modernized design, business, and future expansion advantages.

Here, in this blog, we will discuss few factors of offices for rent in Dubai that play a crucial role in increasing profit in business:

1. Location
Though it is right to say location has a vital role in making your business profitable, it would not make any sense if you spend your entire budget on a lavish office location. However, ensure you find a place that can associate with your business. Choose an address that is more beneficial for your company and is in proximity to other similar companies. For example, your furniture business will attract more clients if located close to interior design companies. Similarly, if you are into retail, ensure you are centrally located to make it easy and accessible to a more extensive client base.

2. Legal Formalities and Permissions
Even before you start looking for an office space for rent in Dubai, make sure in which jurisdiction you are planning to open your office and what will be your business structure. First, you need to decide whether you will register your company in a free zone, the mainland (onshore), or offshore. Once you are convinced where your office will be registered, you will need certain approvals to operate smoothly without any conflict.

Like, to set up a company onshore in Dubai, you will require to present an Ejari or a lease registration document. Additionally, you will also need to confirm that the Civil Section at the Department of Economic Development (DED) will permit you to run your business from a particular office/warehouse of your choice. Your office space will need to meet specific safety standards related to fire protection, health hazards, and lockdown protocols, depending on the nature of your business.

3. Office Space Layout
Office space layout has seen a massive transformation from the time of traditional office spaces. In recent times employees seek a more comfortable, lively, and friendlier environment. Offices are also designed with a combination of different zones to meet the changing behavior of the employees and increase efficiency and productivity. Find out a space that is quiet and away from noisy surroundings. Open working environments are becoming more popular these days for the scope of easy collaboration and brainstorming sessions they encourage. Also, see that the layout includes space for meetings, conferences, training, and workshops. Other important areas that you will need are a common area, cafeteria, lounge area, space for informal breaks, etc. Moreover, ensure your office space layout is open, spacious, and not congested and cramped.

4. Readily Available Services
Dubai is one of the top business hubs globally, with an increasing number of entrepreneurs choosing it as their destination to start a business. Since starts have financial limitations and setting up a traditional office is a cumbersome task, companies are now opting for full-service office spaces. The cost to start a company is a roadblock for many beginners. Therefore, well-equipped serviced offices, or co-working spaces become the first choice for many as they offer ready-to-use desks, furniture, and other IT, administration, and maintenance support, easy payment options, and flexible working hours to the convenience of the businesses and professionals.

5. Future Growth and Expansion
Though, in the beginning, it is not easy to envision business growth, businesses must aim for better returns and future expansion. Keeping your plans in view, you must also look for flexible options that allow you easy office expansion. Moving offices are not feasible all the time, due to hassle associated, cost of moving and time. If you continuously change your office location and move to more prominent offices after every few months, it can start impacting your budget.

Avoid booking an office space that is not fully equipped with all the necessities and not easily accessible. Instead, find a location that is convenient for your clients and employees. Take all necessary approvals to avoid any conflicts or penalties. Identify your priorities to ensure long-term productivity. Hire a professional business setup consultant to help you find an appropriate office.