Some people receive acne differently; some have been through adulthood with few problems, and many others feel burdened by the situation. Acne developing on your face may impact your self-esteem and can cause lasting, noticeable scarring over time. It is a normal skin condition, but it can sometimes be infuriating, especially when it would not go away. 

Having a pimple breakout can be stressful. While having a skincare routine works (such as Korean skincare routines) can be helpful, there are other ways that you can prevent breakouts. 

While acne is not a severe health concern, from a socioemotional perspective, it is essential. You might have less self-confidence if you have acne, impacting your social life or even your job efficiency. Fret not, in no time. You will get that clear and smooth skin that you wanted. Here are five tips on how to avoid pimple breakouts.

Avoid Pimple Breakouts By These Five Simple Ways

1. Do Not Touch Your Face

Avoid touching your face is an excellent way to start. Even if it is tempting to do so, do not touch your face. It is a hard habit to break, but you must do so for the sake of clear skin. It takes time to have control over this. 

Your hands are one of the body’s dirtiest parts because it is used to touch surfaces, things, etc. Also, your hair should be washed, too. It can be a source of germs and bacteria, which may cause a pimple outbreak. 

Make sure to gently wash your face twice a day (morning and night) using mild soap (preferably unscented) and warm water. Do not scrub it. After, do not harshly wipe your face with a cloth but instead pat it. If possible, let it dry on its own. 

The easiest way to hold breakouts away is to cleanse and treat your skin twice per day. Choose the right cleanser for your skin. It is advisable to go to the dermatologist to ensure that you choose the right products appropriate for your skin type. 

Additionally, you can exfoliate your skin type two to three times at maximum. Another reminder is to keep a box of face wipes in the cabinet of your night table for those situations where you’re just so exhausted to wash your face.

2. Do Not Pop Your Pimples

Popping your pimples can cause an open wound and a scar, and you would want to avoid that. It might even cause inflammation. Not only that, as mentioned earlier, your hands can be a source of bacteria- which can lead to another outbreak again.

It is also better if you avoid any makeup and opt for a natural look while you have pimples because makeup can irritate your skin. Sad to say, even if makeup has been a remedy for covering up blemishes, some cosmetics can cause outbreaks to get worse. It is recommended not to use oil-based products for makeup.

3. Eat A Healthy Diet And Drink Lots Of Water

Eating a healthy diet matters, so does drinking a lot of water. Keeping yourself fit and hydrated will make it less likely for you to have acne. You should eat fruits and vegetables that are great for your skin. Among these are tomatoes, carrots, cherry fruit, and sweet potatoes. 

Research shows that eating fewer sugars and carbohydrates contributes to lower breakouts. To decide whether a particular meal causes the breakouts, keep a food log. It is always good practice to eat an overall balanced diet, and it will also help your skin remain smoother.

4. Cleaning Your Essentials (Essentials like face towels, sheets, pillowcases, phone, etc.)

Cleaning your things is very vital. First, your face towel is where you pat your face dry. It needs to be clean.  Second, if your sheets contain dirt and oil, it will rub off your skin when you sleep. Third, for your pillowcase, this is particularly essential because that’s where you rest your face. 

On these surfaces, dead skin cells, bacteria, and debris can build up, which can clog your pores. This can be avoided by washing what touches your acne-prone skin.

It will make a significant difference by changing your sheets every week and your pillowcase two or three times a week. Fourth, it is one of the things that you often touch for your phone, and it may have dirt and germs that may cause an outbreak. 

Anything that you put in your face needs to be clean as much as possible. Even masks can cause you to have acne, so make sure that you wash them after using cloth masks. Also, big headphones can cause acne near the cheeks as well, so it is recommended to clean your headphones, too.

5. Avoid Stress

Studies say that when you are stressed, it may lead to a pimple outbreak. It is called stress acne. This pimple outbreak happens when certain hormones are released when you become stressed. So, as much as possible, keep yourself calm and relaxed at all times.


These five tips will positively improve your skin and lessen pimple outbreaks. You should follow them. If it is not enough, seek a dermatologist who will ensure that you get good advice and appropriate products for your skin.

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