When the guests come to your house, the first place they see when they enter in your living room. Even from a psychological aspect, a clean and organized room is a sign of being organized and mentally healthy. You feel good when you have this trendy décor in your living room.

What is Trending?

Keeping up with the trends is a herculean task because of its rapid change. However, there are several options you could choose from, from modern mid-century designs to modern classics.

Few Tips to Consider While Decorating your Living Room

  1. Theme

The first thing to consider is what theme is trending in the market. And accordingly, you could take on the next step of choosing the furniture, accessories and such.

  1. Furniture

When you visit a furniture shop or online shop, the first thing you are showed is what is trending in the market. Dining chair and high chairs always go best with industrial or Scandinavian themes and give off a luxurious feel.

  1. Accessories

Decorating your room with accessories could give a unique touch to the living room. Even placing a small flower vase could change the outlook. But the question arises what all things to choose. There are various options from the transparent embossed smoke lamp, wicker pendant light to round reed wall mirror, and many more.

  1. Elements

There are certain elements that you could add to make your living room more trendy. Decorating a TV console or entertainment unit is always eye-catching. The living room has a purpose to give comfort and relaxation. Adding your personal touch to the room with fresh flower pots and bonsai gives a fresh outlook to your room.

  1. Wallpaper

Painting walls over and over again to give a different outlook now and then will cost you a lot. Using Wallpaper for home décor has been rising in popularity because of its removable aspect. Wallpapers are designed keeping in mind the customer demands who like to be updated with the trends and it doesn’t even cost you a lot. From bohemian design to abstract design, you can go for anything. And installation of the wallpaper is an easy task. Where painting walls could take up hours to days, using wallpaper requires only a few hours.


Lounge chair furniture shop in Singapore never fails to keep up the trendy to classic furniture. Besides following the trends of home décor, you have to also give a unique touch to make it look different from the other people.