House Painting

Want to renovate the old house to come back to life again with a new house paint But thinking about it would be difficult. Because where is the cost of paint, technician cost, equipment cost lots and lots Would you rather stay? But today AvailablePaints will take everyone to know 5 ways to make painting an old house. To look new and beautiful like a professional is not difficult. With both hands of everyone in the house, what’s there? Get your tools ready and let’s go see.

Choose a primer to suit the wall of the house

Of course, before we start painting the house, we need to choose the color that we like and before every actual paint job. But equally important and should be chosen carefully is a primer that will make it easier to paint your home, so you need to look at how your walls look. If it is cement, use a cement primer. and see if it is new or old cement Because the foundation colors of both types are used separately. In order to provide moisture-proof and anti-fungal performance, suitable for each type of mortar, sure enough. The wood primer is recommended as an aluminum composite that protects the rubber from the first layer of wood. Then apply another layer of oil paint and with it dries quickly because of thinner. This makes real painting easier and faster than before.

Prepare the right equipment and ready to paint the house

House Painting

Preparing equipment to suit the house paint color It will help you make your life easier, such as using brushes for different paints according to usage, mixing containers. It could be a bucket of waste paint, a place to soak and wash the brush. and floor coverings like paper or canvas, for example. These tools will help you get your home painted quickly. Also, be sure to prepare masking tape that will be used to cover the door, window and ceiling edges to prevent the paint from smearing off the edge of the tape. It is considered a house painting technique that novices should not miss at all. Browse through Available Paints website if you need to have details information about house painting.

Evaluate the surface of the walls before painting the house

Assessing the wall surface before painting will help make your home’s painting look smoother. Just need to know that the wall surface of the house is cement, wood, metal or gypsum board. You will be able to buy paint to use properly. which the appropriate color selection It will help prevent the main color from peeling or causing moisture damage, such as choosing acrylic paint for plaster walls, choosing semi-gloss paint for plasterboard walls. Or choosing to use oil paint on wood walls, etc., and one more thing before starting to paint. An important step is to prepare the surface itself. which the surface preparation of each area There are different as follows.

The cement surface starts from scraping the paint that has come off completely. Because the cement surface tends to cause the color to slip off easily. After that, clean the wall with plain water. Ready to scrub with a brush If the wall has cracks, putty or fix it. Finished off with sandpaper to polish the surface to be evenly smooth. This is easy for plaster surfaces.
Wood surface, can be sandpaper to polish the surface to be smooth. then clean and wait until completely dry Because if the wood has moisture may cause damp mold. When dry, paint with anti-fungal liquid.
metal texture for this texture Be especially careful about rust. which if the surface has rust Please remove the sandpaper and polish it completely. Then apply it with anti-rust liquid.

Professionally paint the real house

House Painting

House paint process You should leave about 1-2 days after the primer has been applied to ensure that the primer is completely dry. Except for the wood primer that contains thinner. Therefore, the main paint can be painted faster than other types of walls. And when the surface is ready with sanding and cleaning as previously suggested. You can actually paint it. For the use of rollers, it is recommended to choose a roller that is the right size for your hand. Partially dipped in the paint bucket and then rolled the paint from top to bottom or from bottom to top. just one way or another Then leave the space before the ceiling and the floor. to prevent the paint from smearing out onto other parts Once the first coat of paint has been applied, reapply a second time and let it sit for 2-3 hours, then reapply again. But if there is a stain in the area that can be washed To wash with oil or a specific color remover.

Choose a color to suit the location

The importance of painting is Choosing the right color for each place in the house, for example, if the bathroom is a damp zone. Only a small window of light enters the room. Use bright colors to help diffuse the light. make the bathroom look bright In addition, light will reduce humidity and prevent mold. Or choose to use soothing colors like blue, pink, green in the living room to make the atmosphere of sitting and chatting more relaxing.

These 5 ways to paint a house will help you get your own home paint color in the way you like. Ready to make the color last longer, no damp, no fungus and not peeling off too quickly. Makes the house color beautiful and can stay with the house or room for as long as a professional painter can do it.