Similar to your astrological sign, your birthstone can symbolize a lot and have an impact on your personality, your temperament, and the different characteristics that you display to the world. Each birthstone is a different gem and is personalized and unique to each person.

It carries significant sentimental and emotional value to the wearer which is why it makes such an excellent gift for celebrating a milestone, anniversary, or even engagement rings in Columbus. Here are the birthstones for some of the months and what they signify.

January – Garnet

January borns have a strong and fiery stone like Garnet to start the year. This gemstone comes in red, orange, and yellow and is known to boost energy, support to friends, family and value loyalty in return.

February – Amethyst

Amethyst has been traditionally known to ward off evil and promote peace to those who wear them. This brilliant purple gemstone displays honesty and courage and is widely used in diamond rings in Columbus.

March – Aquamarine

This beautiful blue gemstone is thought to have healing powers and is associated with love. It can be found in all shades of blue.

April – Diamond

For April borns, their association with luxury and glamour has led a diamond to be their birthstone. Diamonds are romantic and sophisticated and are found in a lot of jewelry stores in Columbus.

May – Emerald

This vibrant green gemstone looks beautiful in different settings and promotes health and fertility. It is an ideal gift for those with intelligence and wit.

June – Pearl

Pearls are associated with modesty, a stable relationship and are significant to people who are considered to be nurturers and have a light-hearted personality.

July – Ruby

Rubies are also known as the king of gems. They are associated with royalty and these deep blood red stones are seen as signs of power, charisma, and outgoing nature.

August – Peridot

Peridots are beautiful and unique and this green stone keeps away evil and depression. Peridot gemstones are quite rarely used which makes them even more special.

In Conclusion

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