There is no evidence to say that liquid steroids are better than any other kind of steroid. We do know that many athletes who dope have done it using injectable steroids, which would of course be liquid steroids. Given that steroid use is banned in almost all countries, it would be irresponsible to say which kind of steroid is the best steroid. What we can say is the only kind of good steroid is the one that is prescribed by a health care professional, and one that is used not for athletic use but for health reasons.

Why do athletes want to use steroids?

Steroids help build muscle mass and increase strength, speed, and power and that is why there is a big steroid online industry or a big steroids industry in general. Yet taking steroids, chemically engineered steroids, in particular, is dangerous and can have serious long-term health effects. There are often supplements that are sold, and taken, by athletes, and provided these are natural supplements or protein suppleness without chemical additives, these are fine. But you should always do your own research to make sure! And remember the best thing for an athlete, individual, or part of a team is not to succumb to any kind of peer pressure. Get strong and fit the hard way and that is the way through sheer perseverance, discipline, training, practice, healthy eating, and working and honing your sport craft to the best of your natural ability at all times.

Yes, we all want to be the best or number one. And we can be. If steroids is your thing, make quite sure you are sourcing legally and that they are legal to begin with. Different countries have different rules. And if you ask if liquid steroids are better than any other steroids, we would have to say chat to a doctor, please!

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