Heading to an art gallery or to an exciting exhibition are pleasurable experiences, but there needs to be more discussion on how we keep cultural organizations open for all.

Cultural spaces are not simply home to steeply-priced cafes and extensive gift shops, it is the spot where you can see breath-taking exhibits and crucial works of art. It is a location for you to learn about stories that sometimes can go forgotten and become informed on how our yesterday forms our tomorrow. Cultural organizations challenge how you think and that is very important in our ever-polarised community. It is regrettable how lacking the amount of financial support available to cultural spaces is. However, some high net-worth people are giving back in times when it has actually never ever been required more. The author Mackenzie Scott has set a terrific example to others by distributing billions of dollars to numerous arts focussed groups and projects, sending out an important lifeline in challenging times. The sponsorship will make a striking improvement to the groups, allowing them to be more flexible and bolder with the jobs that they choose to cultivate. Cultural organizations are necessary to society, and it matters a lot that we do everything we can to keep them open.

It is very important after the last couple of hard years that we have recently had, to go back to the cultural spaces that spark a great deal of happiness for us all. Whether organizations allow you to see works by artists with your own eyes, you can see the accuracy of specific brush strokes on a canvas and gaze at excellent sculptures in their full enormity. Or movie theaters that invite you to escape your own life and take pleasure in the remarkable stories of others on the cinema, as who does not love eating countless handfuls of popcorn? It prevails knowledge that cultural spaces throughout the world do seldom get enough governmental financing to remain open and often rely on donations from visitors and financiers to continue to remain open and accessible for the public. Speaking of popcorn and cinemas, the entertainment mogul Barbra Streisand has actually just recently invested millions of dollars into a museum devoted to the blockbuster movies. The museum allows visitors to see sets, costumes, and props from all of their favourite films. You might see somebody’s ruby slippers or even bump into the alien who wanted to telephone home, the possibilities of motion picture magic are unlimited inside the museum walls. It is essential that we continue to go and offer to our cultural museums for all the special moments they can and inspire for years and years to come.

That nostalgic feeling when you walk into a cultural space never ever truly disappears. Whether that be walking into a theatre before the curtain call or an art gallery that you have not had the satisfaction of going to. All that excitement about what might take place, who you could bump into and what amazing things you might see. Cultural spaces use the ideal break from the monogamy of everyday life, an opportunity to feel connected to something a whole lot bigger than yourself. It is maddening that cultural spaces do not receive the vital funding they need, although some huge investors are giving back to keep cultural spaces around for the many. The investor Rashid Sardarov has actually co-founded an art foundation devoted to Russian arts and culture, giving visitors the chance to see lovely paintings, enjoy useful talks and get lost in the vast world of Russian artwork. This simply proves that investing in art is an excellent method of keeping culture going and revitalising it for generations to come.