Is your engagement around the corner? You might be eagerly waiting for this special day. And you wished to buy the perfect diamond ring to keep all eyes hooked on you. Well, that’s a dream every girl has. A wedding calls for every special, whether it’s the choice of ring, or the dress, or arrangements, etc. With so many alluring styles and cuts available, it is really hard to choose the perfect one. So, why not relax and trust one of the best styles? While choosing a perfect round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring, make sure you don’t lose the grace and sophistication of the time-tested beauty. Make your partner feel special on a special day by choosing the best gemstone for her.

Round Cut Diamonds

Diamonds are not just sparkly gemstones, but they offer people a variety of shapes and cuts to choose from. So, you have the pear cut, cushion, marquise, princess cut, radiant cut, emerald cut, Asscher cut, and oval diamonds. These are just some of the cuts, to name a few. However, the most popular diamond cut is the round brilliant cut, and women love it as the cut enhances the brilliance and sparkle of the diamond. A round brilliant cut diamond has a large percentage of the original weight of the stone, and has 58 facets. The shape is symmetrical through which the natural fire of the diamond is visible.

Things to consider when choosing a round cut


Before you decide to purchase a round diamond, make sure the clarity grade is proper. The clarity grade is given to determine the number of flaws or imperfections found both internally and externally in the gemstone. A round-cut diamond with a VS2 clarity grade or superior grade would be a good choice.


Another significant factor to keep in mind while buying a diamond engagement ring is the color. People on a fixed budget can choose from near colorless diamonds with a grade of G or H, while for others if the budget is not a bar, then grades D, E, and F of a colorless diamond are considered best. No one will be able to guess if the diamond is colored or colorless once it is perfectly set in the ring. The worth would be known only by the wearer and you.


The cut of a brilliant round diamond is the most significant factor to be aware of. It is the most essential characteristic of the diamond and as a result, the diamond gets its famed brilliance. The symmetry of the diamond’s facets is determined by the cut. The light-reflecting effect, and the general proportions of the stone are also influenced by the same factor.

GIA, the top diamond grading lab, states that round diamonds must have the following cut grades, which range from excellent to poor and having very good, good, and fair in between. GIA does not assign Ideal cut or Ideal to any diamond and the highest cut grade is only excellent.

Select the correct ring setting

Many ring options can be found for the round cut diamond as it is so popular. They are usually set in settings of four or six prong. However, the best option is to use six prongs.

Make sure you consider the best jeweler to guide you in all aspects of cost, durability, brilliance, and other factors to select the best round-cut brilliant cut diamond engagement ring.