Christian Teacher Spirituality
What does a teacher teach his students? Knowledge? Kind? values ​​and spirituality? Yes, all of them are learning materials for a teacher in their profession. However, to quote Palker J. Palmer’s opinion, which is often forgotten and rarely realized by teachers, is that he is actually teaching himself, his own life. Whether we realize it or not, the teacher’s role in educating and teaching students is so big. Many studies have shown that changes in behavior from students are a result of the teacher’s role model, upbringing and approach. In relation to students, the teacher turns out not only to help students develop cognitive knowledge, but also to be able to help students develop and change their behavior for the better to become a complete person in the future.

In the 2012 BPK PENABUR plenary session in Bandung, Pdt. Kuntadi Sumadikarya (late) even emphasized the war on Christian teachers at BPK PENABUR. In his opinion, in understanding spirituality and his vocation, the teacher’s role is the role in continuing the teaching tradition of the Teacher (Christ). Therefore, the challenge of the Christian teacher should be deeper, because he is faced with the conviction of his duty and calling. Teachers with spirituality like this will be challenged not just to become teachers in general, but to become teachers who are able to imitate the Teacher himself who lives his teachings.

BPK PENABUR as one of the Christian educational institutions, which is well known by many circles, through the academic achievements achieved by its students both nationally and internationally. Since 1950 until the age of 69 years (2019), it has experienced rapid development with 147 schools in 15 cities (Bandar Lampung, Bandung, Bogor, Cianjur, Cicurug, Cimahi, Cirebon, Indramayu, Jakarta, Jatibarang, Metro , Rengasdengklok, Serang, Sukabumi, and Tasikmalaya). And this is realized through teachers who are dedicated and willing to serve at BPK PENABUR in accordance with their spiritual calling.

Through its vision, BPK PENABUR strives to become a Christian educational institution that excels in faith, knowledge and service. This is pursued through its mission by developing the potential of students optimally through quality education and teaching based on Christian values ​​(N2K). The realization is in the form of a concept called Christian Values-Based Character Education (PKBN2K). PKBN2K is expected to color every curriculum and learning process at BPK PENABUR. The teacher is of course the “spearhead” of its implementation.

Teachers with good spirituality and teaching by good examples of life are very much needed in the rapidly changing world. Teachers are asked not only to be good at sharing knowledge but also to share lives in accordance with the values ​​they believe in. Therefore, our challenge is to build an education system based on the values ​​of life (Christianity), because this will be a new advantage as well as a life testimony for many people.

Howard Hendricks’ book Teaching To Change Lives is one of the books that teachers can guide in their ministry assignments. The Teaching Book Changes Lives, contains 7 strategic teaching principles known as Law, namely:

Law Teachers (Teacher)
Education Law (Education)
Activity Law
Communication Law
The Law of the Heart (Heart)
Law of Motivation (Encouragement)
Law of Readiness
The Teaching Law is when a teacher must know what he is going to teach because inadequate knowledge will certainly be reflected in inadequate teaching (John Milton Gregory). The effective teacher always teaches from the abundance of his full life. The law of teaching, is very simple: if you stop growing today, you will stop teaching tomorrow. Philosophy: as a teacher, I am a learner, a student among students. This question might help