The process of designing kitchen cabinets – dich vu thiet ke tu bep dep at The Gioi Moc Furniture is designed in 8 steps, starting from receiving customer information requirements to the warranty and maintenance period.

Design process kitchen cabinets professional
Design process kitchen cabinets professional

1. Receive the request and send the quote to the customer

The consultant team of Gioi Moc receives customers’ requests via Hotline: 0926 132 132 or fanpage:/thegioimoc

After that, we will proceed to send a detailed quotation for customer reference. For advice, more accurate quotation for the item, please let us know:

– Estimated length of kitchen cabinets.

– Material for kitchen cabinets you choose.

– Types of kitchen cabinet accessories you want to buy.

– Address of construction and installation.

2. Survey, measure in place

The design team of Moc Gioi will come to the place to survey, measure and consult, and discuss more with customers about the item. In case the client already has the design, we will review and comment (if necessary) and conduct the measurement and then move to step 4. In case the customer has not had the design, we will advise more detail. As follows:

– Advise customers on the characteristics of each material, help you choose the material that best suits your needs.

– Choose the size and color of the kitchen cabinet to suit the space, feng shui and customer preferences.

– Consulting functions, selecting products and equipment, accessories for kitchen cabinets.

3. Construction 3D design and detailed quotation

– The process of designing kitchen cabinets conducted within 2-3 days. Then, we will send the 3D blueprint to the client for review and editing.

– After we have the complete design, we will have enough grounds to review and quote a complete price for the customer.

4. Sign a contract

– If the customer has agreed with the design and quote, we proceed to draft the contract.

– Customers deposit 50% of the contract value in advance to make production costs, after installation is complete, the remaining 50% will be paid.

5. Erect 2D design

– We proceed to build a detailed 2D design of the plan, kitchen cabinet functions.

– Send customers to review and edit.

6. Manufacture of kitchen cabinets

With a team of professional staff and modern machinery systems, Gioi Moc factory directly completes products from material processing to complete cutting. Completion time of kitchen cabinets is expected in about 10 – 20 days (depending on material).

7. Conducting installation of kitchen cabinets at home

– After the kitchen cabinet design and production process is completed, we transport and install it to the customer’s home. Throughout the process, there are specialists to supervise, ensuring the progress and quality of the items.

– Customers make payment of the remaining 50% of the contract.

8. Product warranty

All kitchen cabinet items constructed by Gioi Gioi Moc are warranted and maintained in accordance with the contractual commitments. If there is any problem that needs support, please contact us for timely treatment.

With a team of professional staff, modern machinery and equipment system, experience and prestige in the profession, The Gioi Moc will be the unit that designs the most beautiful and quality kitchen cabinets you should choose. Hopefully the above sharing has helped you better understand the kitchen cabinet design process in The Gioi Moc. Pleased to serve you!