Children whose parents read books to them during early childhood and spoke about books in positive ways performed better at reading. Reading opens doors to a child’s mind, a door that is full of imagination and knowledge. Letting a child learn reading at such a young age unlocks more doors than a child who only started reading later.

Children can learn an amazing amount and gain insight into so many different worlds, behaviors, and ideas by reading. Some parents even let their child have an online reading tutor for more comprehensive learning.

Kids whose parents read to them earlier do well later in life in both reading and math. Many of us have learned that for their growth, reading aloud to young children is important. Research conducted at the University of Bamberg further explored the correlation between the early sharing of books and later academic performance.

The findings of the study showed that during the preschool years, comprehension was improved by exposure to books. It also went deeper, discovering that reading to children has broader effects than you would anticipate. Between the ages of three and eleven participated in the research. Their skills in literacy and numeracy have been tested annually.

According to the findings, children whose parents read books and spoke about books in meaningful ways during early childhood performed better in high school reading and mathematics. That is why the weight of letting our child read books at an early age is heavy. There are many advantages to learning reading skills from a young age, but here are only a few:

Brain development

For young kids, reading is like an exercise for the brain. The young mind absorbs knowledge or information like a sponge dipped in the water. They get information easily that they can apply in their words, actions or writing. It comes as no surprise that children who learn more are always smarter!

Broadening knowledge

A reader’s mind is open as the earth. Even if your child’s book is image-based and only contains small words, this reading experience broadens knowledge and enhances the way they perceive things. A little progress in their development means a lot, and if you keep cultivating your child to read, you will never regret letting them read at an early age. 

Moreover, books can teach substantial lessons to young children about family, friendship, growing up, and much more. A young reader is broadening their experience without realizing it by reading about their books’ fictional characters.

Improving skills in communication

Reading can be done in read-aloud and listening to audiobooks. You can even let your child read a few words to enhance his pronunciation and build his confidence that he can bring at school or anywhere. 

Because of reading, children also develop their vocabulary as they encounter words they have never heard before or use. While reading, they can learn its meaning and use the words in a sentence to improve their communication skills. With a lot of words they have learned, this encourages children as they communicate and be able to use a wide variety of words to share what they are thinking.

Through the dialogue they read in their books, children will also learn how to connect with others. The best thing about stories is that they provide kids with resources to use in their own lives, whether it’s learning how to connect with peers or other people they encounter.

Improved reading

Of course, we can say that this is the biggest advantage of reading. The more vocabulary children are exposed to by reading, the greater their ability to understand. They can able to comprehend a lot of words and sentences that they do not need to find in the dictionary anymore. 

They increase their reading vocabulary, which makes it easier for them to understand a more comprehensive story later on.

Professional skills

Reading does help you when you grow older, may it be in your homework, essay, or work. It’s no secret that high proficiency in English is required and classified as an acquired ability in different kinds of jobs. 

When your children are exposed and learn to master the qualified English skills, it is not anymore a problem for your child to use the right words and create a sentence the proper way. For highly qualified employment, English proficiency skills are an advantage when you apply someday.

Recommendations and Conclusion

At your home, make sure that you have a variety of books that you can use for your child’s learning in reading. If you want to supplement your little one’s reading with a fun and interesting experience, you can enroll them in a reading tutor

Now that you have learned some of the advantages when you develop your child’s reading skills at an early age, ensure that you are part of this process to encourage them to be better readers. 

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