High rise buildings have now become quite a common and popular sight in Noida, which has attracted many investors and people hunting for a home to live in. With so many benefits and facilities provided these days in an apartment, many people are now choosing it over independent housing. It comes with many amenities such as community halls, swimming pools, good power backup, proper waste disposal, and a 24*7 water supply.

However, choosing a floor can be confusing, here are some factors that you can consider while making a decision.

Factors To Consider

  • Security Reasons

Usually, lower floor flats, as compared to the high-level floor are less secure. Do you know why? Well, lower floors are easy to access as compared to the higher ones. So in case you prefer to go for the lower floor, then check all the security provisions provided by the society.

Lower-level floors lack privacy and are close to the road or eventful area so to avoid any commotion you can go for higher floors to ensure that you remain in a peaceful atmosphere.

  • Fire Safety

Fire safety is a big concern that should be checked while choosing the floor. The society or apartment should be certified by the local authorities to be fit for handling fire hazards. If you contact authorities, they will let you know whether or not they have followed proper laws and protocol while constructing the flats.

So checking for certificate and what kind of fire safety equipment installed on the floors depending upon the criteria set by the fire department has been followed or not.

If there is CCTV installed or not, how many guards are appointed are also some factors to consider.

  • Number Of Lifts And Staircases In The Building

It is important that each building should have at least two lifts so that if one of them breaks you still have a backup. This becomes important especially in the case when you have kids and a senior citizen at home.

You should also check the staircase, there are chances that in case both the lifts stopped working, you would require to walk. Therefore, check whether it’s convenient to access and walk or not.

  • Check Legalities Of Floor

In case you are going for a high-level floor flat, check if the floor is under the permissible limit. So before going for a high floor flat do ask your real estate agent for the clearance certificate they must have got from the authorities.

  • The View From The Floor

Another important factor to consider is the view from the apartment. The high-level floor comes with a better view as compared to the lower one. Lower level flats usually have a view of the road and hustle-bustle of the area.

However, a high-level floor flat can be costly as compared to a lower one, likewise, you will be charged more for flats facing north and east direction since they are beneficial and are in higher demand.

  • Mobile Network

No matter which floor you choose, if you end up with poor networking then it can be an issue. These days’ buildings can go as high as 40 floors, which is very tempting as it comes with a good view, so before choosing do check mobile networking on the floor.

  • Light And Ventilation

High-level floor flats come with many benefits and apart from better view it comes with better lighting and ventilation as well. in fact, the higher floors are less exposed to insects and mosquitoes.

  • Check For Rental Returns

If you are investing in a flat for putting it on rent, then you can consider going for low-level floors to get better rent.

In Conclusion With

These factors should be kept in mind while choosing the floor. Check the space and locality of the society you are thinking to go for. Noida is home to many high-rise building apartments and townships.

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