Software Testing:

Software Testing is the method of validating and verifying that a software program or application or product Meets the business and technical requirements or not.

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White Box Testing:

Code Coverage Analysis is a major white box test technique. It determines the gaps in the Test Cases. It identifies the program areas which are not subject to a set of test cases. Once gaps are recognized, test cases are created to check untested portions of the code, thus enhancing the Software Testing product quality.

Gray Box Testing: 

This Testing is a combination of both white and black-box testing. This test is aimed at searching for defects due to the unsuitable application structure. This testing is useful as they take the simple black-box testing approach and combine it with the code-oriented white-box testing frameworks.

Black Box Testing: 

The tester checks the program without understanding the internal operation or application logic. The data is entered into the application and the result is compared with the expected results; what the program does with the input data or how the program reaches the output data is not an issue for the black-box testing tester.

 The tester knows the position of the system and its functionalities in this form of tests and also knows (although not all-inclusive) its internal mechanisms (especially the internal data structure and the algorithms used). These tests can hardly be carried out during the development phase of the project since they involve tests on program functionality.

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 A Career in Software Testing:

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