Can Physical Therapy help to reduce stress? 

Stress, one of the most common words we hear nowadays can cause a lot of problems in personal and professional lives. At some point in people’s life, most people deal with stress. According to a recent study, 33% adults reported experiencing high levels of perceived stress, especially during the Covid-19 lockdown period. 

People of age 18 and above usually acknowledge it. In today’s time, even kids are found getting stressed every now and then. This happens due to several internal and external factors. Adults are getting stressed with their work. Children are getting stressed about their academics. 

The dark side of modern technology is that  it made people anonymously unaccountable for all of its dark impulses demonstrating how little clearly, if any spiritual advancement took place in the human psyche. Stress includes depression, anxiety, illness, lack of energy, dizziness, headache. 

What are the symptoms of stress?

Symptoms of stress could be emotional or physical. 

Physical symptoms of stress could be pain, headache, tense muscles, insomnia, upset stomach, constipation, diarrhea, nausea and more.

Emotional symptoms of stress could be feelings of anxiety, frustration, depression, being      introverted, loneliness and low energy. Even anxiety and panic attacks show stress the person is dealing with.

Numerous conditions including physical, mental or emotional factors can cause stress.

Like worrying about something, facing big challenges, tremendous pressure of work, family,     relationships, unhealthy lifestyle, no changes in life.

A lot of stress comes from our cravings. That is either we want something to happen, or we don’t want something to happen. And if it doesn’t go accordingly, it becomes the reason for our stress.

Physical Therapy to overcome Stress

Physical therapy, also or simply a medical treatment, also known as physiotherapy, is the panacea of health-related complications, often followed by a medical diagnosis of health professionals who specialize in the treatment of specific areas of the human body.  When things go out of order, you need to visit a physical therapist for treatment of your arthritis.

A physical therapist is a health specialist who treats disorders of the human body by physical means.  

What are some of the best ways to get rid of stress?

Physical therapy may help with more than managing pain, physical therapists offer techniques to assist in decreasing chronic stress levels. A few of therapies may include – 


Stretching is one of the most common physical therapy suggested by experts. Specific stretches are concerned with specific ailments. By relieving tension in muscles, stretching allows muscles of the human body to let go of where you’re carrying stress, helping to relax and sleep better. It may also improve your sleep pattern that is nowadays mostly responsible for stress in people by reducing mental simulation. It is common in people who struggle with insomnia.


Yoga helps to reduce stress as it promotes relaxation, that is the natural opposite of stress.

Yoga promotes muscle relaxation, joint mobilization, flexibility and breathing that manage stress effectively. Yoga postures range from lying on the floor while completely relaxed to difficult postures to stretch within your physical limits.


Running is one of the best physical therapies to beat stress. It is a complete body workout. Stress is a result of low energy and running plays against it. It boosts your energy level, eventually cheering you up. You may begin with developing a habit of early morning running.  

Also, you can enroll yourself in some marathon happening in your city, it will make you feel motivated all the time in order to run on a daily basis.


Exercise is the fundamental physical therapy that helps as a treatment in every other ailment. Type of exercise varies in ailments specifically. Physical therapists can create a specific exercise program that not only targets the areas of weakness or decreasing mobility, but targets the body as a whole. All those people who are physically active are not found encountering stress in their life.


Stress is our biggest enemy and one should find the right ways to treat it. Walking away from the people who trouble you is the best way, not to hear some of the stuff they say, just to make you get stressed. Getting stressed out for anything isn’t going to help you with that, instead calmly finding ways of the problem is the better idea.

Stress from work is only possible if you don’t love your job, find what you are interested in, and work on your area of interest. This will never make you stressed and ultimately thrive your career too!

Start traveling, listen to relaxing music, do meditation, do exercise, eat well, take breaks, spend good time with your friends and family and live a happy life!