Studying real estate is not a big concern now in Arizona. Pupils keep on searching for realtor school AZ to get enrolled in the best one. The reason is that Dodd School at Arizona offers one of the best education programs and licensing in the real estate sector. The eligibility requirements for acquiring a real estate license require the pupil to be 18 years of age, citizenship of the USA and the pupil must not have any negative records. There are many schools that offer courses in real estate but Dodd school in Arizona provides one of the best education and license procedures in terms of the course. The best part about the institution is that they tend to provide the most updated information and services to their students.

The institution provides guarantees the best knowledge along with a stringent focus that needs to be provided along with high-quality content delivery and a promising learning environment. In Arizona, pupils must apply for the pre-license course and must wind up at least 90 hours of instruction in a classroom or online before appearing for the exam.

These courses can be accessed offline by getting enrolled in a particular institution as well as online through affiliated, state-recognized real estate schools. Also, some of the institutes provide exam preparation packages along with classes that prove to be quite helpful. So, whenever anyone searches for Arizona real estate classesthey can get these results.There are just 5 simple steps to follow in order to get a real estate license:

1. Complete the duration of the course: In order to get the license, the first step requires duly completion of a 90-hour course. The course includes 2 classes. It takes 45 hours each to complete the Arizona real estate course. The interested pupil must also attend the Review R-I and R-II, which comes as part of 90 hours of total education.

2. Gear up for the state exam: After getting through the pre-license course and the test, a certificate of completion will be issued. Along with it, a Fingerprint Clearance Card and a Disciplinary Actions Disclosure are also required. The process is next followed by booking the date for the exam. For the same, appointments can be taken one day prior or on the same day depending on the availability.

3. Give the exam: The paper includes 180 multiple choice questions along with 15 pretest questions asked only for data-collection intentions. In 300 minutes, at least 75% of the questions require correct answers. Results arrive within a few days. On clearing the exam, it takes one year to process the license.

4. Prepare for a Contract writing course: The six-hour contract writing course is an additional requirement that is taken so that new licensees could draft and advise clients on the basis of the contract.

5. Select broker to complete application: The role of a broker is quite important in order to get the license. After fixing a broker, apply for the license online and pay the fees. Once the license is received, all real estate transactions can be initiated.