Every person here in this world is worried about his well-being and for the living necessities of life. A house is important for a person as it is his living necessity. But mostly some apartments or small houses are rented by the students or group of students for their living purposes. There are many home styles which are available for the living of people. These apartments and homes differ from each other based on some features. People have different choices about the apartments in which they live because you can find differences like people. That’s why they hire letting agents for student lettings Birmingham.

Most of the real estate companies are working here to provide you with apartments or home for renting of your own choice. They also deal in the sale and purchase of the home. The company has professional letting agents who are trained professionals in this field. A letting always works according to the feasibility of his customers.

Letting agent

A letting agent is a person who facilitates both the landlord and tenant. He is the facilitator person between the tenant and landlord because of their agreement. Moreover, he will work to provide you with an apartment or home according to your requirements for living purposes. When a person wants to rent a residential property, then he will come to a letting agent to find the house of his dreams. The letting agents are more common in the United Kingdom.

When ten apartments are rented by the tenant, then a legal agreement is signed between the tenant and landlord which has some details in it regarding the apartment and some other legal formalities. A letting agent and agency will normally charge a commission for their services, usually a percentage of the annual rent.

A letting agent will always work by an estate agent or under the umbrella of an estate agent. These two professions are closely related to each other. But many agents deal with the letting works exclusively.

When it comes to renting an apartment or home, then there are two types of renting, letting agents are the professionals who deal primarily with the renting of apartments between landlords and private individuals.

Different Types of Apartments Which Can Be Rented

Apartments are also like the home which comes in different styles for the tenants. You can also differentiate between apartments based on different features. There are different types of apartments that are available for student lettings Birmingham. You can rent any one of the apartments which are mentioned below:

Studio Apartment

It is an apartment which comprises of one single central room-unit. You can use this room for many purposes such as a living room, bedroom or kitchen area within the same space. A bathroom is also present in this type of apartment which is separated by a wall or door from the central room. This type of apartment would be cost-effective for the tenants as the cost of rent and other utilities will be lower.

Garden Style Apartment

You can also call a garden-style apartment a garden apartment. It is situated at the ground level of an apartment building and this building usually comprised of 3 to 4 apartments in the building. These types of apartments are common in urban and suburban-hybrid areas. You can have the facility to live along with the garden.

Basement Apartments

These apartments are located in the basement of the building underneath the apartment building. If you are looking to rent this type of apartment, then there are some strict rules in living in these apartments. The ceiling of the unit should be at least 7 feet high, and there must be an appropriately sized window that is present in the apartment.

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