Hotstar is the No 1 app in the entertainment category. It’s currently available in India, USA and Canada. Hotstar is available in three subscription packages.

Hotstar USA Plans

1. Free membership – US subscriber can download and install Hotstar app from play store & ios store free of cost. Installing the Hotstar app is totally free. The free subscription allows limited digital content to its viewer. Subscribers who subscribed to free plan, can’t watch live streaming of cricket matches, European league, sports channels, and premium movies and Hotstar TV shows. Free membership users have limited access to Hotstar content like TV shows, limited live TV channels and limited access to sports matches highlights. All the TV serials are available to free subscribers once it went live on TV Channels. Update – Hotstar US has stopped the free subscription plan now and users have to subscribe to paid plan only. It means users will not access Hotstar content without any paid plan. Hotstar subscription

2. Hotstar USA monthly recurring Plan – Hotstar USA doesn’t have VIP Plan for its user. They have two membership plans, a Monthly recurring plan, and an annual subscription plan. Both plans give access to their subscribers with the same digital content.

The difference between these two plans is of fee payment. Monthly recurring plan subscribers pay the subscription fee of 19.99$ + taxes every month. While annual plan subscribers pay a fee for the year at once. Update – Hotstar US has stopped monthly recurring plans too. Now only an annual entertainment plan exists. The annual subscription plan rate is reduced by 50%. Now it is the most affordable OTT app with a huge library of digital content.

3. Hotstar USA Annual membership Plan – Hotstar USA annual membership plan is revised from $99.99 to $49.99 + taxes per annum. Now I will tell you a few tips about Hotstar USA membership that will help you to use Hotstar membership plan wisely. You can use the Hotstar coupon code BLOG2020 to get a $5 discount + $10 gift voucher from the IGP portal.

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