Keeping a house clean can be a challenging task. One of the reasons is the lack of time after a busy time at work. At the end of a hard day, the last thing you would feel like doing is cleaning. That is why we come to depend much on a service for house cleaning in La Mesa CA. However, some cleanups in a home need to be done only a few times a year, once a month, or a week. Knowing these will save time, stopping you from overextending yourself or your help. So, here is what you need to do every month:

Under the couch

Dirt and dust, along with toys and random things, end up building up under the couch over time. Once a month is always a good time to clear things under the couch or any heavy furniture. If you leave it any longer, you will have a mess to deal with. While cleaning, it is a good idea to shift the furniture, especially if you have carpeted floors.

Washing the walls

With regular use and kids around, your house’s walls start looking dull and worn out. Aside from the appearance, a wall also holds bacteria over time, which can harm your family, especially children who touch everything. Therefore, a monthly cleanup of the walls is mandatory.

Kitchen areas

The kitchen is a melting pot for germs and pathogens. Therefore, areas in the room like the oven, fridge, and cupboards need to be cleaned once a month, while almost every other area like the sink and stovetop needs daily cleaning. While you are at it, clean the washer and dishwasher once a month, as well.

Corners and hard places

Dusty corners and ceilings are often left untouched until a major cleanup is in the cards. However, it is necessary to clean these hard-to-reach places every month to maintain the good air quality in the house and the over aesthetics. Doing this every month will prevent you from scrambling around when a guest is about to show up.

Bed and bathroom

We clean our bed every day or at least weekly, and the same goes for our shower and bathtubs. However, the mattress, shower curtains, and grouts are things that may fall down the crack amidst a busy schedule. Cleaning these every month is, therefore, necessary to maintain a germ-free and hygienic bedroom and bathroom.


Owning a house is a beautiful feeling. However, it comes with mundane responsibilities, like cleaning the place regularly. Having a schedule for what you need to do every day, week, month, and once a year can help you maintain a clean, hygienic, and safe house for your loved ones and you.