How to Avoid Abuse in Relationships

Consider the Love You’ve Given

Love can feel wonderful. The rush of positive emotions that come along when another person shows romantic interest in you is hard to compare to anything else. Because of this overwhelming sense of joy, many people jump into relationships without thinking too much about how the other person is showing his or her love. Romantic love can seem innocent enough, but someone who puts on too much of a show in the way he or she displays affection may be exhibiting some problematic traits.

Romantic gestures are one thing, but you definitely want to take note if it seems that your partner is not being genuine. Many people enjoy the chase of a relationship and will employ all sorts of methods to attract someone. Unfortunately, this mentality can sometimes make a person view others as objects of desire, rather than actual human beings. While this does not always mean abuse is on the horizon, it can be a red flag that this individual is not exactly who you assume.

History of Abuse

Though it is upsetting to hear, people who are abusive in relationships are usually part of a history of abuse. This means that is highly likely a person who has been abusive to past partners will also exhibit these tendencies with you. Pay attention when you are first dating someone and listen to how the person you’re with describes former relationships. When someone talks about how all their exes were “crazy,” it should be a sign that something is not on the level.

Abuse can cause a lot of pain and suffering in people. If the topic is important to you, then you might want to think about taking action. Organizations like Cards for Causes help people support charities of their choice whenever a purchase is made. All you need to do is find a non-profit or charitable organization that offers help and support to victims of abuse. You may not be able to stop abuse from happening altogether, but this gesture can go a long way to provide some assistance to those in difficult predicaments.

Emotional Manipulation

Emotional Manipulation

When many people hear the word abuse, the natural assumption is to think about physical abuse. While this is a large portion of the problem, there are other ways that people manipulate their partners in relationships. Emotional abuse, for example, is one of the more common ways that people take advantage of each other. The way a person treats you in a relationship or responds to you may be abusive in nature and it may take you a bit of time to even realize what is happening.

Be aware of how you think about yourself while in a relationship. If you feel like you aren’t good enough or have a lot of self-criticisms that wasn’t there before you began dating your partner, then it probably is a sign that your relationship is problematic. Many abusive relationships begin with small comments that get into your head without you even realizing it, so be sure to stay aware of how you feel about yourself.

Find Support

Depending on how severe an abusive relationship is, you may not be able to get away from your partner with ease. Some situations can be quite dire and may even make you feel like your life is in danger. Though it may be difficult, finding support is the best way to get through this difficult time. Reach out to organizations that help abused individuals or speak with someone in your life you trust.

Abusive relationships are far more common than most people realize. In order to help those stuck in these situations, be sure to think about supporting the right charitable organizations through groups like Cards for Causes. The more you learn about patterns of abuse, the easier it will be to spot these traits in potential partners in the future.