We unveiled our new branding to our clients this week at West Auckland Property Management, . We’re excited to share these brand updates with you and why we made them.

Why have we changed our branding?

As a proudly West Auckland company, we wanted our branding to reflect who we are and what we stand for.

With 25 years in the business, we know West Auckland like no one else does. Our community is diverse, and so are the types of properties we manage. As local Westies, we’re proud that we serve our community and ultimately wanted our brand to reflect the people and the places we work with every day.

As a business, we wanted our brand to look consistent and instantly recognisable across all the mediums we use. Our new branding creates a more unified and recognisable look by weaving the new brand identity throughout our business, from signage to our website and marketing.

Our mission has changed over time too. West Auckland Property Management may have started as a property management company, but today we do so much more than that. Renting a property is stressful for all parties involved. Because of this stress, over time we’ve come to see ourselves as more than property managers and more like long-term partners to our tenants and landlords. We wanted our new brand to reflect how we see ourselves: as problem solvers whose goal is to provide a better tenancy experience for all.

What’s staying the same?

West Auckland Property Management is still the same company, owned and run by the same great team. Our commitment to our clients has never been stronger.

That means you can still rely on us to:

·      Complete inspections in-house so that we know firsthand what’s going on with your home or rental.

·      Tailor our advice for you. We give informed advice on your property whenever you need it or help you understand your requirements as a landlord or tenant.

·      Remain local. Our boutique size and West Auckland location mean we have the time to respond to our clients when urgent matters arise.

Our branding: What’s different?

We’ve updated our logo, colours, typography, imagery, signage, and website to reflect our brand’s core values.

Logo and Colours:

Our new logo is simple, modern and captures the unique identity of our business. The logo uses the shapes of houses and apartments to reflect our diverse property portfolio. The roofline also mimics the form of a mountain range and is inspired by the Waitakere Ranges. The new colours – now called Waitakere Green and Bethels Blue – reflect the colours found in our region’s grass, sky, and sea.


Our typography strikes the right balance between being friendly and professional. Now, the typography in our logotype is softer and more rounded, while the primary typeface is more formal. Together we feel like these fonts strike a balance between being warm while still looking professional.


As a West Auckland business, our community and the properties we manage are highly diverse. Our imagery better reflects the people that make up our community and the tenants and landlords we work with every day.


Next time you see a West Auckland Property Management car pull up, you’ll notice our new logo and colours printed on the side. So, if you see us, give us a wave when you see us drive by.


Our new website is easier to navigate and features a clean, modern design. We have a new contact form that makes it easy for prospective landlords to submit information about their property. We now ask for information about properties upfront as it makes it easier to assess whether we can take on your property.

Our Tag Line:

The past few years have seen a considerable number of updates to The Residential Tenancy Act. We think it’s our job to make understanding and implementing these changes easier. That’s why we’ve updated our tagline to reflect our expertise and our genuine approach to dealing with tenants and homeowners. ‘Local Knowledge, Genuine Advice’ sums up what we do and how we do it.

How does this rebrand affect our clients?

Our new look will make it easier to recognise correspondence from our company. You’ll find that our signage, mail, website, and cars are all rebranded with our updated logo and colours.

For prospective clients, our new website should make finding information and requesting a rental appraisal easier.

Overall, we have created a brand that better reflects our values and the place we call home.

We hope you like it as much as we do.

Source URL : https://wapm.co.nz/introducing-the-new-branding-for-west-auckland-property-management/