One of the personal favorites of the investors is residential property. The reason behind it is the fact that monitoring the residential property in Kolkata is easier as compared to that of commercial properties.

Advantages of residential properties >>

  1.  They are more durable in future, as they do not get affected with the economic cycles.
  2. They create the capital and gain quick returns.
  3. Due to them, the homebuyers always find new ways to their homes.
  4. Residential property in Kolkata is more suitable for the investors who do not wish to go for fixed deposits.

Advantages of commercial properties >>

  1. The tenants are the clients and the owner is just a custodian.
  2. One of the largest advantages of commercial property is that you have the flexibility in both residential and commercial properties.
  3. When there is a change in the policies or market conditions, one can switch to another property.
  4. Also, due to it, the cost of change in a commercial property can be controlled.
  5. The tenants are the main clients and you are just a custodian.
  6. In commercial properties, there is also the option of renting out the properties for residential purposes.
  7. One of the primary advantages of commercial property is that it generates more income for the owner.

You can get the answers from the property consultants to know about your residential property in Kolkata and commercial property.

Commercial property in the suburbs

To avail better opportunities of home and commercial properties, you can buy them in the suburbs of Kolkata.


The easiest way to calculate the location of the commercial property is the tax advantage. If you are purchasing commercial property in the outskirts, then the presence of business centers, commercial parks, hospitals, and colleges will help you in picking the right residential property.

Disadvantage of residential properties >>


The residential property in Kolkata is always limited to the city. If you purchase residential property in suburban areas, you will find the chances of it becoming a slum is high.

The modern lifestyle is witnessed in the suburbs, as the city is lacking in it. So, the quality of the property will be less, and you will be looking for alternative commercial property.

Misuse of land

If the land in the commercial space is wrongly used, then you have to pay heavy taxes for it, due to which the value of the property will be decreased.


Disadvantage of commercial property >>

The property business is not easy, as the credit for it is always limited. As they are not cheap, you can never enjoy the benefits of commercial property in Kolkata.

The rents are usually not on a constant rise. In this case, you can never enjoy the benefits of a property.

Selling the residential property in Kolkata is advisable in the suburban area. Sale of it in the suburban area is not easy as the property rates are lower than that of the city.


If you compare the capital value of commercial properties and residential property in Kolkata, you will find that the capital value of a commercial property in Kolkata is more. If you compare it with the capital value of a residential property, then it is more on the commercial side.

The capital value of residential properties is more because they are usually under-construction, or under-valuing the property, or it is the cash property that is undervalued.