LENS surgical imaging system is all you need! It allows you to manage and capture surgical media in a single system and also helps you to minimize the capital investment. This LENS surgical imaging system brings efficiency, performance, and value to your visualization solution. In other words, they are an all-in-one combination for you.

This system has three essential components: a system console, a camea head ( autoclavable HD camera), and an iPad application. Now you do not need to visit the video tower as the iPad application can control all the camera settings and make your work easier.

Moreover, people can easily capture an image, annotate them and print or create PDFs out of it. So, these systems are highly potential and reduce your cost while maintaining scalability for future upgrades.

How to get a motion picture from the LENS application?

When the LENS application is integrated with the System Wi-Fi version, it can capture high-quality motion pictures with the best performance. Also, it allows you to capture still images, patient file management, and limited redundant control. As a result, the LENS camera controls units within the thoracic cavity, articular cavities, hollow organs, body cavities, and canals.

Features and application of LENS system


System consoles provide high scalability. It can evolve and facilitate new camera options and offer software upgrades as well. Some of the features of console system are:

Console Features Include:

  • Camera Control Unit (CCU)
  • Led Light Source
  • Image Management System


The camera head of these systems contains higher quality complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) sensor technology. These camera heads are highly efficient and unique and have innovative features that directly view scope and coupler or video arthroscope. Some of the features of the camera head are

  • Have six-button control and customizable three button
  • no upconversion required, and have 1080p broadcast-grade image technology
  • Significant depth of field
  • Programmable camera head buttons are functioned by LENS Application or Console Menu functions
  • steam and chemical -Multiple sterilization modalities


The LENS System comprises a proprietary application intended explicitly to enhance the LENS System, unlike traditional camera systems. The application connects easily to a built-in LENS wireless network and is spontaneous, in-built, and user-friendly.

They are mainly used to have wireless camera control and do image management. Some applications of this feature are:

  • it provides wireless control of camera functions.
  • It enables Image and Video Management
  • Prints wirelessly
  • Creates annotations
  • e-mails assets directly

What is the new LENS 4K Surgical Imaging System?

Today in this business world, the LENS 4K Surgical Imaging System is a state-of-the-art visualization platform. They have a highly efficient camera head, light source, and high definition innovative technology in a single unit.

Moreover, it helps create a design for end-to-end 4K imaging impressive , image clarity, color reproduction, and field depth. Also, minimize workflow and delivers high-quality images, which facilitates effectiveness and drives efficiencies.