If you encounter any such error message displaying “Your router was not successfully setup”,
during Linksys router setup, try to resolve this error using following steps:
 Detach the Linksys smart wifi router from DSL or cable modem by unplugging the Ethernet
cable from WAN ports.
 Also, disconnect the computer and Linksys router connections at the LAN ports.
 Perform Linksys router reset:
o Locate the reset button at the back of the Linksys router.
o While the router is powered on, Press down the reset button with a pin or sharp
object and hold for about 30 seconds.
o The LED lights on the Linksys router would stop blinking.
o The Linksys router resets itself to factory default settings.
 Connect the computer back to the Linksys router using either wired or wireless connections.
 Access the Smart setup wizard for Linksys router setup process.
Steps to access the Smart setup Wizard – Proper Linksys router setup:
 Open a web browser on the Linksys smart wifi connected computer.
 Access linksyssmartwifi.com or myrouter.local web addresses for Linksys smart wifi router
 Alternatively, try accessing as default Linksys router login gateway.
 The smart setup wizard page gets auto-launched.
 Run the smart setup wizard on Linksys router while the router is disconnected from modem
as in first step.
 Keep the modem and router connection disconnected until the smart setup wizard screen
displays “Your Internet cable is not connected properly” prompt message with pin points.
 Now, connect the modem to the Linksys smart wifi router to establish connection between
 Attach the Ethernet cable to the modem and the Linksys router at the yellow colored WAN
 Click the Next button on setup wizard screen.
 Let the smart setup wizard finish automatic configuration of wireless settings.
 You are able to access the Linksys smart wifi tools page after smart setup finishes running
the setup process.
 This would complete the Linksys router setup properly.

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