For Cancer natives, Mercury will be in their ninth house of luck, fortune, spirituality, and beliefs during its current transit from Aquarius to Pisces. When it comes to personal life, there will be some problems in your relationships with siblings. It will be a good idea to spend some quality time with them. Give a patient ear to their grievances and make an effort to resolve them. This will help you to cement the bond with them. If you are planning to go on any journeys, especially to spiritual places, this period is not favorable for such activities, as they will cause stress and worries, and you may lose your peace of mind and contentment. Mercury, your third house lord, is in a debilitated condition in your sign, which means you need to maintain your electronic gadgets properly; otherwise, you may incur considerable expenses for repairs.

For those who are professionals, some of you may get transfers that are not desirable during this Mercury transit. Your efforts at work may not bear fruit, and you also have to make greater efforts to see good results in your professional endeavors. Your superior might make you do some work all over again, as he may not be very satisfied with the work you did earlier. This may cause you to get angry and agitated and even lead to some arguments and disagreements with your seniors. Avoid getting angry and be calm and cool, as it is only a temporary phase. Things will improve soon. So, try to be more objective and concentrate on your work.

This is a favorable time to invest in some hobbies that you have wanted to pursue for a long time. This will help you to discover your hidden talents and abilities and add to your happiness.

Remedy- Donate green grass to cows every Wednesday.

The Sun rules Leo, which is a Fire sign. For Leo Moon sign natives, Mercury is the lord of the second house of speech, family, and accumulated wealth and the eleventh house of profits, friends, and social status. In this current transit, Mercury will pass through the eighth house of transition, legacy, changes, and losses. As Mercury rules both the income houses for those who are born under the sign of Leo, there may be a dip in income levels during Mercury transit Leo.

Businessmen should not make impulsive decisions, especially when it comes to big investment ventures. Take things slowly, as the chances of incurring heavy losses are high. Stock traders and marketeers need to stay aware and be careful and engage in trading only if necessary. Take this approach till 16th April, but after this date, things will become more positive and favorable.

When it comes to your personal life, be very careful in your communication, as attempts at satire or humor can backfire and put you in a spot during this transit. Also, be careful of the company you keep during this period.

Some of your friends or acquaintances may not be good people, and the chances of your name getting spoiled by hanging out with unsavory characters are high. Also, keep tabs on your expenses, as you may tend to spend most of your money on friends. However, some may get some benefits from your spouse or in-laws at this time.
In matters of health, you may suffer from problems related to skin, stomach, etc. Some allergies too are possible, so try to avoid areas that have a lot of pollution and dust.

Remedy- Donate stationery to needy people.