Last Sunday (14/2) the public was shocked by the happy news that came from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. When Meghan announced her second pregnancy, other happy news also came from the couple Daryl Sabara and Meghan Trainor.

This celebrity couple who got married in December 2018 have just welcomed the birth of their first child who is male. This happy news was conveyed directly by Meghan Trainor through her post on Instagram to coincide with the moment of Valentine’s Day.

1. Welcome to The World, Baby Boy!
Showing off a portrait of her baby who was fast asleep, Meghan Trainor revealed that her son had been born since February 8. Apparently the delivery happened a week earlier than doctors thought.
“This cute baby boy was supposed to be born today, right on Valentine’s Day. But we were able to meet him sooner on Monday, February 8th! We are ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE! Thank you @darylsabara for this lovely Valentine’s gift! Welcome to the world, Riley! ” he wrote.

2. Daryl’s posts
Meanwhile, Daryl Sabara also announced the birth of her son, named Riley. Showing a close-up portrait of his baby’s face up close, the former child actor in the film SPY KIDS also wrote a romantic message for his beloved wife.
“@meghan_trainor you are my forever Valentine and I am very grateful that you gave birth to our son into the world,” he wrote.

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Fretting About Sexism, Meghan Trainor Releases No Excuses

Although the MV for the single is packaged in a cute and adorable style, the message contained is resistance. Meghan Trainor has never lost her style, flicking through important issues in a sweet and sassy way. In No Excuses, Meghan fights sexism.

“Why you acting like you never met a lady / I don’t disrespect you / Don’t you disrespect me,” was a piece of the lyrics in No Excuses, which was followed by “Your mama raised you better than that”. Sounds really slapping right?

In an interview with People, Meghan revealed that she is so excited about her new single that she can’t wait to be heard by people around the world. Meghan also confessed that “Respect each other” was what inspired the song. He said “I have a little cousin at school and I heard his story, and I thought, ‘Oh, you should treat other people the way you want them to’. I think we lost it. Especially now, ”said the musician who was recently engaged to Daryl Sabara.
Asked about the experience of sexism in the entertainment world, Meghan said that she has been undergoing mansplaining since the age of 18 and it is still happening today. “You feel like fighting for your word, struggling to show it that you understand what you are talking about. It’s frustrating. Finally I got to a point where I needed to write a song about it, ”explained Meghan. He also admits that the single parallels the campaigns “MeToo” and “Time’s Up”.

The music video for No Excuses still retains Meghan Trainor’s sassy pastel colors. Meghan explained that they were her all-time favorite colors. He likes turquoise and coral colors. He added “We don’t want (this) to be a crazy, big music video that preaches too much. We just want to let the song sing for itself and it’s cute too. then let them know we have a message here. ”
Until today, the No Excuses video clip has been viewed 9.9 million times on Youtube. The number of views was achieved within 10 days, since the first time the video clip was uploaded, namely March 1, 2018.