Our country has never entertained the thought of the depreciating rate of interest and losses they may face because of their fixed deposits. Whereas in the opposite the countries abroad have been very mindful of this given leisure. As the interest rates have decreased near nothing in the upcoming finances, the RBI has introduced us with the newest negative real interest rate system to push India’s economy. Our government’s strategy is making every common man step off their feet from the deposits they have made in the banks. As a result, giant investors are trying their luck in the share market, which was considered a riskier option for them for an extended period.

The actual rate of return is earned over inflation.  As of now, even the best banks are giving around 5% a year in fixed deposits. Whereas the consumer inflation in October 2020 was recorded at 7.6%, which brings the rate of return to -2.6%, proving that inflation is consuming all the value and benefits of savings. 

It proves that the negative real rates are having an adverse impact on the investors’ portfolio. Several newbies in the savings genre make them unaware of higher inflation’s importance on saving rates. The reduction in the banks’ interest rates is already harming the investors. 

But where there is a will, there is a way. Many people out there are well aware of this trend and have good knowledge about the particular strategy. They are trying new things, trying to bring recent trends to keep their prices on top. 

Their favourite choice is the real estate sector where the negative actual interest rates don’t bother your savings and hard-earned money. There are many reputed developers available in the market, and it is safe to be on their projects to generate higher ROI.

Housing projects introduced by Mahindra Happinest in Palghar (Mahindra Happinest Palghar, Mahindra Happinest Palghar 1), Boisar (Mahindra Happinest Boisar), Kalyan (Mahindra Happinest Kalyan), and Avadi (Mahindra Happinest Avadi) are some another affordable and revenue-generating asset for such investors. All the projects have been developed at prime locations with excellent connectivity to workplaces and infrastructure. These projects offer lifestyle amenities and have been made keeping quality living in mind. These homes are being proven to be a big attraction point for the ones who are seriously looking to own a house as it will deliver great appreciation in the coming years.

Apart from the benefit of being an affordable housing abode, Mahindra Lifespaces also comes with many luxurious and high-end projects for investment such as  Mahindra Luminare in Gurgaon, Mahindra Lakewoods and Mahindra Aqualily in Chennai. These projects reflect luxury, style and class for the ones who are looking for it.