Most 2 to 3-year-olds are always stubborn and clumsy, and with their motor ability, it becomes challenging to monitor their activities. As a parent, it is essential to find healthy ways of improving the behavior of your toddler.

Toddler Challenges.

With their limited verbal communication skills, it becomes difficult for you to understand their words. Hence, they tend to use their bodies to express how they feel. Toddlers are incredibly stubborn and lack the skills to resolve conflicts peacefully. When you are faced with challenging and typical toddler behavior, it can be frustrating and painful. That is why acquiring the best and positive parenting methods is essential.

Peaceful parenting.

Being a parent can be exhausting and frustrating, and that is why parent coaching is essential as it aims to help you as a parent create a healthy, happy, and balanced family life for both yourself and your children. At the Jai Institute for parenting, you are provided with all the necessary skills for a peaceful, loving, and effective parenting method and the necessary skills to support your family by building a flexible and successful business of helping other parents do the same. Here are some parenting tips to improve toddler behavior.

Set realistic goals and expectations.

Despite helping your children understand what is expected from them in a given context, setting expectations also helps them make sense of their potential consequences if they fail to fulfill the expectations. Realistic goals are easy for your toddler to achieve.

Give appropriate options.

Due to their limited knowledge, toddlers can propose some things that will not work. Hence, it is advisable to give your kids other options. It would be better to provide them with new possibilities instead of shutting them down. The new opportunities should provide a thrilling experience.

Praise good behavior.

When you appreciate your child’s good behavior, they are encouraged to repeat those behaviors. As you praise their good behavior, they understand that you are attentive and hence keep up the excellent work. You can appreciate them in terms of presents and better treatment. Despite your best efforts, your toddler will break many rules; thus, it is advisable to ignore the mild behavior.

Excellent and clear communication.

Toddlers don’t always understand figures of speech; hence it is vital for you as a parent to find the most appropriate ways to make your child know what you mean.

Set a good example.

Many children tend to follow their parents’ behavior. As a result, the best way to show your child how to behave in many circumstances is to be an excellent example for him/her to follow.

Enforce natural and logical consequences.

Let your kids know that there will be either good or bad consequences in everything he does. It is essential to let your toddler understand the importance of the result chosen so that he can accept it.


It is imperative to make your child feel heard and understood. Often, so much of the problematic toddler behavior is due to them not expressing themselves and verbalizing their feelings.

Hug it out and wait It out.

When your child is crying and screaming, hugging her helps soften and makes her feel okay faster. However, when the toddler’s tantrums are more physical, it is essential to calm down by giving them space.


In conclusion, it is advisable for you as the parent to seek guidance from a parenting institute to bring up your child in the best way possible due to the problematic toddler behavior. That would be better to ensure that toddlers’ behaviors are directed in the best way possible for emotional and physical well-being.