Among the many choices for tackling wrinkles, brown spots, and other ailments that can afflict the skin, the photo facial stands out as one that is very promising. Depending on the type of photo facial treatment you get, meaning either an LED photo facial or IPL photo facial treatment (laser photo facials), you have two distinct methods to raise collagen production making skin smoother, more even in tone, and taking care of specific obstacles including but not limited to the ones we’ve already mentioned. Visit only the best facial spa in Boston to get expected and effective results. 


Of course, wrinkles are natural, visible with old age, but women usually don’t want them. Wrinkles actually occur from sagging skin, which results from decreased production or degrading of collagen it may happen when we get older. Light therapy excites collagen production, delaying the process and changing it in some cases. The best facial spa Boston can rejuvenate your facial skin and amaze you with the results. 

Getting A Photo Facial:

LED (light-emitting diode) treatment is a more refined and secure way to operate the face in general, as it goes about promoting collagen production using focused narrow-spectrum light. It’s a cool treatment, meaning excess heat is not produced and is safe enough that some spas with more of a focus on facials offer the treatment. Treatments are usually aligned a week or two apart, and several treatments are required to get great results, although improvements should be evident with the first treatment. As a low-cost, low-risk treatment, LED photo facials are a reliable choice for most people wishing for skin that looks and tastes younger. Always make sure to get the facial from the best medical spa.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) therapy utilizes a laser and is able to target specific areas when a patient has broken capillaries or white spots. The laser treatment is regulated in intensity to the area that requires to be treated. Because a laser is used in treatment, the risk of getting burned exists and that’s why IPL photo facials usually take place in a doctor’s office, although some medical spas also offer the treatment. It’s important the person giving the treatment be competent, as you don’t want to get burned. As there is no pain to speak of during treatment besides the feeling of a rubber band closing the skin, there’s no reliable indicator of when it’s too much laser and you’ll have to count on the person giving treatment as he/she knows only about it precisely. IPL tends to give somewhat faster results, and from the first treatment, the skin should be noticeably improved in tone. Visit only the best medical spa near me to get the facial done effectively. 


You may notice some flushing from the laser photo facial and this should clear up in almost all cases. Collect all information about this from the best medspa near me to determine whether it would be good for you or not. 

Cost of Photo facial:

IPL photorejuvenation may cost between $300 and $600 per treatment. However, the actual amount varies depending on the factors such as the area of the country in which the treatment is performed. visit only the best spa for facials in Boston.

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