Do you want to promote your podcast by growing your audience? A large number of people do not know about the ways of doing it. It has been found that today there is an availability of 250k to 425k podcasts for a wide group of audience. A podcast passes from 3 major phases:

  • Before the launch
  • Launch
  • Post-launch

In which phase you currently exist as a podcaster?

Some podcasters take the interviews of famous people so as to grow their audience. You too need to follow a strategy if you want to increase the number of listeners who will listen to your show.

Now I am going to describe the 3 sure-fire ways to grow your podcast audience.

1.Build partnerships that are valuable – By building partnerships you can attract a lot of people to your new venture. Any business can get benefit from this strategy. For your growth, you can get a lot of help from partnerships. A large number of listeners exist for a podcast that is prominent and if you collaborate with this podcast then its audience can start listening to your show also.

There are 3 things that a person can have:

  • For accepting the guests, he is ready.
  • Just like his listeners, he has an audience that is equally interested.
  • For the audience of the decent size, he has a show that is successful.

In your niche, there may be various podcasts or shows. You need to enlist all these shows. Then go for screening the potential partners on the basis of the 3 criteria as mentioned above. After that, it will be good for you if at your show you invite social media winners as guests. Along with this try to appear on shows other than yours so that their audience can know you also.

2.Give the listeners a chance to act – Suppose your show is listened to by a large number of people but if they do not return after listening once, then what will you do? So, creating an interesting show is necessary. Your audience can grow if:

  • Your show is reviewed by the people
  • They give a rating to your show
  • Your show is subscribed by them

Your growth can get a boost if the 3 things mentioned above are done by someone. If you want the people to benefit you by doing something then it is necessary that just like CTAs you create your stuff.

3.Market your show – Marketing of the show that has been created by you is very important and for this, you can do a number of things:

  • Use social media: For your podcast marketing a way that is so accessible is social media.
  • At the time of sharing the episodes tag the guests: By doing this the guests’ feed of Instagram and Twitter will receive your show. In this way, their audience will know you.
  • Use hashtags: A lot of new people will listen to your show if you will make the appropriate use of hashtags.

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