The Instagram algorithm can be a huge deal for your business! How not, almost no one knows exactly how the algorithm works for your Instagram engagement. More or less this makes business people like you go back and forth in uploading content, right?

But it turns out that you can play with the Instagram algorithm system if you know the basics of how Instagram works so that it can become the biggest strength of your business. And here are some of them!

Instagram Engagement Can Help You Reach More Audience

Instagram is one of the most widely used platforms specifically for Indonesians. This figure reaches almost 59.8 million!

Apart from socializing, Instagram is also now a place to find and discover new brands. To be precise, around 70% of people who like to shop use Instagram to find products.

With the benefits of Instagram engagement, you can reach a wider even international audience. According to Instagram data, around 130 million users tap (tap) an upload with Instagram Shopping to learn more about the product.

You Can be More Focus on The User’s Preferences

It’s no secret that Instagram no longer serves posts on the user’s timeline based on time. But it turns out that this form of presentation is also not randomized.

Instagram knows how to recommend posts that suit users’ preferences. If a user likes a lot of cat photos, then chances are that the timeline will be filled with photos of cats.

This means, your Instagram engagement can help your contents to be served to the right target market! You can use this to focus on content that is in line with your business.

Besides, A system called candidate generation helps users find posts they like. This also can help you to find out how your users interact with their peers.

The Benefits of Instagram Engagement Also Affect Your Website

Don’t just shop on the app. You can also direct customers who view your product uploads to the online store website to browse more.

The number of visitors or website traffic for your online store can increase. Moreover, customers trust more businesses that have a website. This can also help increase customer trust in your business.

The Easier It is for You to Promote Your Product to More People

Another benefit of Instagram engagement for your business is that it makes it easier for you to promote in various ways and formats, from photos, videos, to live on Instagram Stories. You can advertise your products through the Shopping Ads feature or work with influencers through the Shopping for Creators feature.

With the Shopping for Creators feature, each influencer upload will be labeled ‘Paid partnership with (brand name)’ so that people who see it immediately know that the product featured in the photo or video is yours.

Attract Engaged Traffic to Build a Community

Another benefit of Instagram engagement is that Instagram drives more engaged traffic than any other social channel. Research shows that when comparing time on site from various social channels, Instagram beats out other sites like Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Reddit, and more.

Instagram content drives more engaged traffic than other visual social content from YouTube or Pinterest. Additionally, Instagram helps you engage with your audience on the social platform, increasing the chance that you can bring customers back for repeat purchases.

If someone buys from you and then follows you on Instagram, they’re likely to see your brand on a regular basis and purchase from you again. And return customers are more valuable, accounting for nearly 33.3% of the overall money spent in eCommerce and spending nearly 3x more than regular shoppers.

That’s the benefit of Instagram engagement that you need to understand to improve the quality of your business. Good luck to boost your Instagram engagement!