The generation when CDs and floppy disks were in use, came to end a long time ago. Even the generation of secondary hard drives and USBs is getting outdated. The new trend of cloud computing services is penetrating the industry, presently.

Like never before, things have changed and data has become computerized. You don’t need to carry a USB or a hard drive that holds your data. Today, cloud services have innumerable applications and services with the capacity to hold huge volumes of information.

About the Companies –


Founded in the year 1999, Salesforce is the pioneer of Client Relationship Management. Salesforce being a SaaS (Software as a Service) provides the service of managing the client database and helping companies with improved client connections, business development, etc.

Microsoft Azure, a similar cloud service has also gained popularity for its services. After which, Salesforce also opted for a decisive alliance with Microsoft Azure. This increased the necessity and demands of Salesforce cloud services for Microsoft Technology Associates.

Other companies like Coca-Cola, Red Cross, etc are some renowned clients of Salesforce cloud and other related services.


Invented by Amazon’s online business foundation in 2002, Amazon Web Services is an Infrastructure as a service, with some features of Software as a service and Platform as a service. Amazon Web Services offers secure, scalable, and budget-friendly cloud computing services. Being one of the popular cloud solution services providers, these web services offer more than 100 services including, AWS app development services and application advancement services like AWS app services.

Offerings and Advantages:


  1. offers a computerized sales solution. This solution helps the team to track potential customers and do forecasting of sales.
  2. Provides devices that can perform investigations and create dashboards for drawing necessary reports.
  3. helps you drive through a road to create general as well as customized marketing campaigns.
  4. gives cloud storage for storing client data gathered through calls, requests, emails, etc.
  5. offers a network platform where employees
  6. assess your business situation through reports and analytics available on the dashboard.
  7. permits clients to develop customized business applications through Salesforce mobile app builder and development services.


  1. offers various database management like – security, capacity, and port management.
  2. offers dual-programmed scaling. Any Platform-as-a-service is intended to keep a sharp focus on business applications and adds the extra servers to aid any burden.
  3. uses a pay-as-you-go model which is practical and realistic on the terms that the customers pay for whatever they are using.
  4. is capable of running some programming languages like Java, Python, etc. which gives the customers the adaptability to run a language of their choice.

Salesforce and AWS: The Contrast

Both these platforms offer cloud computing and administration services, having few variations and few similarities though.

Salesforce is considered the best CRM; AWS being a specialist to open cloud computing representing 40% of the market share. Not very common to be known, but Salesforce also has the utilities of AWS for open cloud supplies.

Overall, Salesforce including its other mobile app development services is a SaaS while AWS with its app service is both Pass and IaaS. Salesforce mobile app development will help you create cloud-based applications. Comparatively, the AWS app service provides a platform where companies have their business apps and other app-related administrations.

Both Salesforce mobile app development and AWS mobile app development are bound to provide their clients with options of on-demand scaling. Any business wishing to drive more incentive and benefits to its clients can use these two as they work couples with varieties of business applications generating more profits. Additionally, the AWS app service is a cloud-based structure, offering companies a framework that is more dependable, moderate, and adaptive. This type of framework turns out to be beneficial in advanced activities.

Summing Up

AWS is a computing platform offered by Amazon. It beholds a few products like AWS cloud storage, AWS mobile app development, AWS cloud framework, and AWS app service. Salesforce is also a free organization with a wide range of cloud-based utilities like Salesforce mobile app builder, Salesforce mobile app development, etc. These applications can be used by organizations for driving client esteem.

Undoubtedly, Salesforce is always a better option than AWS, depending on the range of abilities and professional terms that a client seeks for.

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