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You must unplug the vacuum pump, and then its dirt container. Before you go any further you need to first of all just unplug the machine. The vacuum pump uses either a dirt bag or a dirt remover. If in case you have a vacuum pump which makes use of dirt bags then you need to just remove the dirt bag and dispose it in the trash can. In case you have a vacuum pump which makes use of container then you must just take out the dirt container and have it cleaned. You must do it outside your house because inside the just will just fly in the entire house and make your house dirty again. There are many containers which require washing it. You need to take it out and then wash but you have to make sure that it is compatible to your device otherwise the dirt will just travel to the plug and damage your devices motor. You must also regularly clean the filters. Many of the vacuum pumps have filters which purify the air. You must open the vacuum and then just remove the filter and clean it thoroughly. You must read the manual before you proceed with anything regarding your vacuum pump.