The way the audience trusts the facts shared on Wikipedia; can consumers trust Trustpilot to learn about a brand? Trustpilot is a platform that aims to provide reviews about businesses for ensuring transparency for the consumers. But there is no surety if the reviews are fake or real. Businesses are deceiving consumers with fake Trustpilot reviews on the UK based Trustpilot website.

Do Trustpilot Reviews Matter?

A recent study showed 86% of UK consumers read online reviews before making a decision. 68% of the consumers claimed that positive reviews persuaded them to take a step and buy from the brand. However, 40% agreed to decline the product or brand due to negative reviews.

The way reviews shape the minds of the consumers, Trustpilot reviews play an important. However, when businesses read the reviews, they lose credibility and spoil the consumers’ trust in the online reviews.

Should Consumers Trust Trustpilot Reviews?

Trustpilot itself claimed to remove more than two million fake or harmful reviews. But the question is, how many are left? If there are numerous fake reviews on the so-called trustworthy site, how can consumers trust online reviews? Following are the reasons that Trustpilot has observed a decline in its audience’s trust;

Review Seller Groups on Facebook

One can easily search and find plenty of groups on Facebook, where so-called freelancers sell Trustpilot reviews to the businesses. The posts on these groups claim they provide fake positive reviews about the company with pseudo names.

Businesses meet people from these groups and make them write reviews in their favour. People happily agree to write whatever they are instructed to earn some pounds.

Review Seller Website

More than two million fake reviews show numerous platforms how businesses keep the consumers blind by leveraging fake reviews. Facebook groups are not enough! Even there are Trustpilot review seller websites that provide packages for generating fake reviews for the businesses.

The existence of such websites has decreased the credibility of Trustpilot and other platforms. Consumers have been educated about fake reviews, and now they might not trust online reviews if the ball keeps rolling in the same direction.

Is Trustpilot Trustworthy?

With the rise of fake reviews, can Trustpilot be trustworthy? Major businesses in the UK are hiring fake reviews to gain the trust of customers. However, with too many fake reviews, the cycle will run in the opposite direction. As a result, consumers will not trust any review, whether it’s fake or reviews.

So, the question is, should consumers trust this website? The answer is “No” More than two million fake reviews are not a joke. The algorithm to judge fake reviews have failed.

Trustpilot promises to ensure transparency in its review system. But it seems to get failed! The site could not fulfil what it promised. Numerous review seller websites and social media groups are proof that consumers cannot trust this platform.

Is Trustpilot Legitimate?

There is no doubt that Trustpilot is considered a legitimate platform for business reviews. But due to millions of fake reviews, transparency is in question. In addition, the involvement of a third party is also raising a question of the trustworthiness of Trustpilot.

Third-party in the shape of Trustpilot reviews seller Facebook groups and websites raise the question of Trustpilot’s legitimacy.

Trustpilot Vs Wikipedia

When it comes to comparing two major online platforms – Trustpilot and Wikipedia, which one is credible and trustworthy? The answer is Wikipedia!

Unlike Trustpilot, there is a proper wiki-based editing system to write and maintain information on Wikipedia. Nobody can share facts on this platform without providing credible references. On the other hand, it’s easy and doable for people to post fake reviews on Trustpilot, and they are doing it.

Consumers can trust any information or history about a company published on Wikipedia. But the platforms like Trustpilot are losing the trust of the consumers.

Final Thoughts

A large number of UK-based businesses are deceiving their consumer by publishing fake reviews on a legitimate platform like Trustpilot.

Trustpilot itself claimed of removing 2.2 million fake and harmful reviews on the site. It is the number that they figured out. What about the fake reviews that they missed? Consequently, Trustpilot is losing the consumers’ trust with the rise of fake Trustpilot reviews.

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