Title: Part No. LNK305PN


This power mosfet has operating switching frequency of 66 KHz. Link Switch-XT integrates a 700 V power integrator MOSFET, oscillator, simple ON/OFF control scheme, a high-voltage switched current source, frequency jittering, cycle-by-cycle current limit and thermal shutdown circuitry onto a monolithic IC. The origination and functional power are drawn directly from the DRAIN pin, reducing the need for a bias winding and associated circuitry.


  • Patented IC trimming and transformer construction methods enable Clamp less™ designs with LNK360 for lower system cost, component count and higher efficiency
  • Fully unified auto-restart for short circuit and open loop safety
  • Self-biased supply – saves transformer auxiliary winding and related bias supply components
  • Frequency of operation significantly reduces EMI


Link Switch-XT integrates a high-voltage power MOSFET switch with a power supply controller in one device. Unlike traditional PWM (pulse width modulator) controllers, a simple ON/OFF control controls the output voltage. The controller contains of an oscillator, feedback (sense and logic) circuit, 5.8 V regulator, BYPASS pin undervoltage circuit, over-temperature protection, frequency jittering, current limit circuit, and leading-edge blanking merged with a 700 V power MOSFET. The Link Switch-XT incorporates additional circuitry for auto-restart. The average oscillator frequency is within set to an average of 132 kHz. Two signals are created from the oscillator: the maximum duty cycle signal (DCMAX) and the clock signal that suggests the beginning of each cycle. The oscillator incorporates integrated circuit that presents a small quantity of frequency jitter, usually 9 kHz peak-to-peak, to lessen EMI emission.


  • Mobile Chargers & Adapters for usage in daily life
  • Supply for appliances and industrial systems
  • Audio players that are portable in nature.

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