Recent changes and awareness around the globe about religion have brought forward the need for shops that cater specifically to the needs of people of a particular religion or faith. Just as Christian shops provide items from bibles and rosary beads to statues of Christ, angels and Holy crosses, Jewish shops provide Torah, Jewish rosaries and Star of David, in the same way, an Islamic shop provides Muslims with articles like Quran, prayer beads, prayer mats as well as miniature replicas of Kaa’ba and Masjid-e-Nabvi. Islamic Madrasah books

There are two kinds of stores, an online Islamic Shop and retail Islamic Shop, both of which offer a variety of Islamic items to their clients. Both types of stores offer similar products, but some people find it easier to shop online from the comfort of their homes, whereas others prefer to walk into an actual store and browse around before purchasing. Normally an Islamic shop will carry a selection of products ranging from Islamic books written by famous authors about a variety of topics, CD’s of Quran recitation and translation, praying beads from different regions along with an assortment of replicas of numerous famous mosques.

Islamic shop concepts were first introduced in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where people who went for pilgrimage could buy Islamic items for use in their native towns. These small stores conveniently located near key pilgrim areas such as Mecca and Medina offered their customers a variety of locally woven prayer mats and praying beads that pilgrims could take back as souvenirs and gifts for their loved ones from the house of Allah. In addition these markets also offer local dates and bottled holy water that people take back as a sacred gift for their families and friends. Hadith bookstore uk

This idea was further expanded by numerous expat Muslims living in Non Muslim countries in order to provide a local Islamic shop to cater to the needs of all people of the faith living there. Today an Islamic shop can be found in almost all towns and cities around the globe, as well as online stores that let people get Islamic gifts, personnel items and house goods with convenience and ease at different price ranges.

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