Worker safety is of utmost importance at any construction site. We, at Mtandt, house a range of products which cater to the requirement of ensuring safety. Aluminium Scaffolding is one of the most essential equipment that should be used at construction sites to ensure safety and also ease of work. Aluminium Scaffolding can be the solution to a lot of problems around a construction site. Down below, is more information about them and how it can make your work more efficient.


Plastering, guttering or roofing projects, and painting projects are done at significant heights. This cannot be done with the mere use of a ladder or a makeshift one. Working at heights requires utmost safety measures and that’s when the need for a safe, reliable, and robust aluminium scaffold comes into action.


Scaffolding is a temporary structure that supports workers during construction, inspection, maintenance, or repairs to the exterior and interior of a building or surface. These scaffolds are often used in the form of aluminium scaffold towers or building surfaces for construction or repair sites.


Fabrication of scaffolds, like Aluminium, has many advantages in its corner. Fundamentally, Aluminium has a very high oxygen affinity. Oxidation of Aluminium is precisely what makes aluminium so corrosion-resistant. If that naturally occurring aluminium oxide coating isn’t enough, hot-dip galvanized systems are available. This fabrication prevents corrosion and rust from humid areas and weather.


Aluminium towers are portable, lightweight yet robust and durable, they can be mobilized easily, and built to resist the elements. Lesser the weight, lower transportation costs, size of the vehicle, and fuel required.


The evolution of aluminium scaffolding has allowed structures to be utilized well, in both the supporting aspect of construction sites and the speed aspect in erecting and constructing. The reduced weight of scaffold has increased labor productivity by over 50% as well as reduced timeframes for erecting by over 50%. This in turn can drastically increase efficiency in allowing companies to complete projects within a shorter time frame.


Aluminium scaffold towers are also one of the important components required in the construction industry, also known as aluminium towers. The demand and popularity of aluminium scaffold towers are on the rise due to their adaptability, flexibility, and mobility.


The high strength-to-weight is a very crucial feature. Suspended frames and mobile towers benefit from the lighter than average mass, which moves without creating any drag. Services such as painting jobs, electrical cable installation work and more, can call upon versatile aluminium scaffolding.


Different types of scaffolding are used as an essential part of creating a safe environment during building construction and repair, as one of the main purposes of scaffolding is to provide a sturdy platform. We, at Mtandt, provide aluminium scaffolding solutions, catered to your needs. Our products range from:


  1. Cantilever Scaffolding System:

Cantilever Scaffolding, also known as needle scaffolding, is a type of scaffolding that is a separate scaffold that is built to angle out from a structure. This form of scaffolding is usually used to overcome obstacles that prevent a scaffolding tower from being erected or reduce the chances of damage occurring to the structure beneath the cantilevered area.


  1. Bridge Scaffolding System:

Bridge Scaffolding is made by combining any of the available aardwolf scaffoldings systems. Bridge scaffolding can be customized as per the site requirements and are available from 1.80m to 8.25m


  1. Extra Wide Aluminium Scaffolding System:

The Extra Wide Aluminium Scaffolding System features a platform with a wide working area. This system is best convenient and flexible for material handling applications. The system is one of the best equipment for more workers.


  1. Extra Reach Scaffold Systems:

Extra Reach Scaffold Systems is a proper and safe working platform that eliminates high risk operations. This structure is easily movable from one place to another and is highly recommended for high reach operations.


  1. Aviation Scaffolding System:

Lightweight aluminium structure, an Aviation Scaffolding system is designed to position closely and accurately to simple or complex contours of the aircraft allowing work to be carried out with ease, safety and efficiently. These stands are highly durable and do not rust and require minimum maintenance, saving both time and money.


In conclusion, Scaffolding is required to accomplish all types of construction work. As the complexities involved in the construction work differ, a different type of scaffolding system is needed. Hence, it’s vital to choose the right scaffolding system for your construction work for it can render the best possible safety at the workplace.


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