Cable and wire management provides solutions that will keep warehouses and products organized and tidy. It’s necessary to have something secure, but that can also be removed when required. A cable tie supplier will have a variety of products on hand to meet your needs. 

A ball-lock cable tie has a ball bearing head which allows the cable to slide into the head, but prevents it from slipping back out by wedging itself against the cable once it is pulled on.

Aluminum ball-lock cable ties are ideal for wire bundling, and affixing labels and tags. It is a great choice when a tie with reduced weight is required, or when being used with other aluminum components. Band-N-Go offers aluminum ball-lock cable ties in four lengths, from 6” to 20.5” to meet varied needs and usages. 

When you require a solution that is strong and durable while also being cost-effective and budget-conscious, the answer is heavy-duty stainless-steel cable ties. This is a high-quality product that has earned the trust of workers in industries ranging from aerospace to the military to auto manufacturing and food and chemical processing. 

Stainless steel wire ties are the professional’s choice for secure solutions that are simple to use and quick to install. In addition to their ease and flexibility, they are incredibly durable. Stainless steel wire ties excel at resisting rusting, corrosion, and staining, making them the ideal choice where water, dirt, smoke, chemicals, and abrasive components are present. Heavy-duty stainless-steel cable ties can even withstand wide temperature ranges and the exposure of toxins.

Consult your cable tie supplier to ensure you have selected the correct product before using stainless steel wire ties on your systems. Each type is made with a specific tensile strength and temperature resistance and must therefore match its intended use. Ties are available in varying lengths and are made for different purposes, such as securing heavy items in a chemical environment or outdoor use. 

It’s also important to select the appropriate product for safety reasons. For instance, use a tie with a capacity of 150 pounds in a place where a tie of that capacity or less is required. Always choose a stainless steel cable tie that is the right length or longer to ensure that it will loop around objects to be bundled together.  Excess length can be cut off using a tensioning tool for stainless steel cable ties. 

Ball-lock cable ties can be used for various industrial purposes, and whether looking for heavy-duty stainless-steel cable ties, or the lighter weight aluminum ball lock cable ties, Band-N-Go provides high-quality durable products.