While working in different fields, you may have seen that people come up with different types of problems. Most of them are health-related problems. That can’t be avoided easily as they are one of the most important factors of our day to day life. So, one of the most commonly used technical instruments is the Marie heat exchanger. It is mainly used to control the heat in people & rooms on ships or submarines. There are many important facts which you should know.

marine heat exchanger

  1. Tube and shell-type heat exchanger: – This is one of the commonly used marine heat exchangers, which is used in many different places. But in the ships, it is mainly a part of the cooler. You can just install it on the outer section of the surface of the ship. There is a hole in the main pipe through which air can enter and exit. The best part is that the whole thing is covered under a shell, and it looks like a tube it runs on the concept of liquid control. If the fluid is not replaced within a period of time, it will cause corrosion. 
  1. Plate type cooler: – This is a type of marine heat exchange that functions almost like a tube. Only the thing is that it has two plates, one of them is mounted outside, and the other one is inside. People can start working in any adverse circumstances when the level of the heat is unbearable. It can cool down the temperature very easily. But the longevity of the product is too low. Low budget ships which go for business can face difficulties while mounting it. The plate is not available at every place. You have to make them with special orders. 
  1. Fuel injection system: – There are marine heat exchangers available in the market which look like a cylinder and it has gas in it. But the main purpose of the whole thing is to heat p the temperature. Steam is used as the medium of the heat exchanger and the heat gets inside the tube, and it gets transferred by the steam outside the whole system. In this way, the heat comes out and goes in. you can reverse the whole system as well. 
  1. Refrigeration: – This is one of the most commonly used systems of the marine heat exchanger. The pipe will be installed on the outer surface of the chamber. When the water is constantly flowing, it will cool down the surface, and the room will automatically get cooled. The water can be changed from time to time as you are already in the oceans, there will not be any shortage of it. 

Conclusion: – These are few things which you should know about the marine heat exchanger. They are very widely used technology in today’s generation. When you studying marine engineering, it will be widely discussed. You can also see the mechanisms while visiting any kind of marine museum. They will also explain the evaluation of the heat exchange technology. 

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