In today’s digitally driven world, having physical items and paying an organisation to keep those items safe is considered not very wise. This is the age of information technology which is dependent on data. The data usually comes in digital mode, and people pay to store the data in the cloud. Therefore, it may seem that Safe Deposit Boxes have become redundant. If you think so, it is time to revisit your idea and understanding of the concept and explore the details. It will assist in getting a better grasp of the topic at hand.

The importance of researching before deciding 

Like every other decision you are making or about to make, it is necessary to research thoroughly before renting a safe deposit box with a service provider. Along with checking the credibility and reputation of the service provider, you have to be sure about the items you are to store in the safe deposit box. It may not be obvious enough, because people usually store documents, collectables and valuable items in these facilities, but that is not all. A little prodding around the subject will make you aware of various mistakes people make.

Some in-depth information to help you along 

Certain items, notwithstanding their value, cannot and should not be kept in a safe deposit box. You need to be aware of the details because you may make a mistake otherwise, and it won’t be nice for anyone. You also should remember that, just because you deem something valuable, it is impossible to store that in a safe deposit box and within such a service providing the facility. The following list of items will give you an idea about the items you should not put in the rented safe deposit box:


Money is one of the most valuable items you will own in life. Technically, it will make complete sense to store cash in Safe Deposit Lockers, but it will be an unwise decision. Storing paper money, even for emergencies, won’t make much sense these days, especially with so many digital options available. Moreover, if you keep the money in a bank account, you will get interest on the deposit. A safe deposit box will be unable to offer such a facility. The value of legal tender keeps on fluctuating; hence, you should refrain from making such a mistake.


For someone who isn’t roaming around the world and regularly visiting other countries, a passport is a document you won’t need every day. Hence, it makes apparent sense to store this document in your safe deposit box, but you should not make such a decision. This is because there may be an emergency, or you may need to go for an unplanned trip suddenly. Not having your passport ready at hand will create additional issues, which is not nice to handle. Hence, you should not store your passport in the safe deposit box.

The original copy of your last will and testament 

This is a suggestion that is bound to confuse you a little but should not. You may think that keeping these items in the safe deposit box makes complete sense because they will be safer. However, you have to consider other possibilities too. For example, if you are the sole owner of the safe, then after your demise, the organisation housing it will seal the safe until an executioner can prove that they have the legal right to access it. Hence, there can be various complications, and you should try and avoid them.

A letter of instructions 

People use a letter of instruction to inform their kin about some wishes they need to be fulfilled after their death. If such a document remains sealed within the box that is only accessible by you, then the wishes won’t get fulfilled, which won’t be nice. Hence, you should not put a letter of instruction within the safe deposit box.

A power of attorney 

This is the legal document that will allow a third party to act on your behalf and maintain your wishes and fulfil them if you become incapacitated to do so. If you lock this particular piece of document within the safe deposit box, then its function will be hindered greatly in the event of your incapacitation. Hence, you should refrain from putting this document within the safe deposit box.

These points will help you make the right decisions regarding the items to lock within the safe deposit box.