Windows are an essential part of the home. They improve the ambience, create a larger sense of space and just brighten the mood! But a downside of having lots of windows in your home, is the effort it takes to keep them spotlessly clean. You might spend hours on them with all kinds of window cleaning supplies, yet, you never seem to get that perfect clean!

Here are 5 tips that will get you spotlessly clean windows in no time!

1. Ditch the Paper Towels and Newspapers

Most people use paper towels and newspapers at home to clean their windows. However, these materials can actually leave lint on the glass, causing streaks to form. Instead, a window squeegee (aluminum ones work best) and a microfiber cloth are the perfect window cleaning supplies to use.

A microfiber cloth can be used with a window glass cleaner (more on that later). First, wipe the window using a dry microfiber cloth. The microfibers trap the dust particles and remove them from the window effectively. Then, spray the glass cleaner on the window. Ultimately, wipe off the glass cleaner using the wet side of the microfiber cloth.

2. Try a Window Squeegee

If you don’t want to use a glass cleaner and microfiber cloth, you can use a window squeegee.
A squeegee has a highly durable grease-resistant rubber blade attached to a rust-resistant aluminium frame. It helps in pulling and pushing a large amount of liquid easily.

Place a drop of dish soap in a gallon of water. Wipe this solution on the window generously using a cloth. Then using a squeegee, remove the water and soap from the window. A window squeegee makes sure that no excess water or soap is left on the glass pane and I leave the window streak-free.

Trick to use a window squeegee well: Start at one side and either sweep from side-to-side till the bottom or swipe from top to bottom. In the top-to-bottom motion, if needed, use a cloth to remove the excess water.

3. Avoid Homemade Soaps

The internet is filled with ideas for cheap, homemade window cleaning supplies and solutions. While these DIY solutions might seem attractive, they are not sustainable for your windows in the long term. They can cause the windows to lose their sheen and even develop streaks. Instead, invest in a window glass cleaner which can keep the windows in a pristine condition for long.

A glass cleaner cuts through atmospheric dirt, greasy fingerprints and grime in a flash. It does not leave any dirt/dust attracting residue on the surfaces, thus, keeping it spotlessly clean. Trust us, once you’ve experienced the power of a glass cleaning solution, you’ll never want to go back to a homemade window cleaner!

4. Vacuum the Curtains

Unclean curtains or blinds can dirty freshly cleaned windows. Thus, whenever you are deep cleaning your windows, also ensure that you vacuum the curtains alongside. An upright vacuum cleaner works best – use its nozzle or slim nozzle attachment to gently vacuum the curtains.

5. Clean Windows on Cloudy Days

Did you know that cleaning windows on cloudy days results in a far better clean than one on a sunny day? This is because, on a sunny day, the direct sunlight on the window causes the cleaner to dry up and evaporate before you can wash it away. This leads to hard streaks which are difficult to clean.

6. Use Cold Water

Warm water evaporates too quickly, leaving streaks that are difficult to remove. Instead, use cold water for cleaning your windows; you will work at your own pace!

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