Python is a programming language that is used for making softwares that can use artificial intelligence as well. Due to increase in popularity of python many developers are showing interests in scaling up their skills. Python developers are in great demand these days as this programming language is easy to learn and has wide range of applications.

If you are new to python programming language then you must be looking for websites that provides information about the python projects. In case you are searching for python projects online this blog will be very helpful. Here are the lists of Top 5 python projects for developers in 2021.

  • Text to speech with python:- This project can be useful for audio books. We can easily execute the code and convert the text into speech.
  • Software for Scrapping data with Python:-Data scrapping is essential for marketing purposes. This can easily be done by making software for data extraction from twitter.
  • Send custom email with python:- Sending email for marketing purposes needs customization. We can send the customized email using python email sender software.
  • Alarm clock with GUI using Python:- Clock showing current geographical time in GUI form can be built easily using Python.
  • Desktop assistant Software:- Desktop assistant software can be made easily using Python language.

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