The <a href=””>Instagram analytics tool</a> is a must-have tool for those of you who want to get serious about managing your Instagram account. With this tool, you will easily understand your account insights. Starting from the number of followers and growth, popular content, and demographics.

Instagram followers themselves are often the main reference for the popularity of a brand or account on Instagram. With a large number of followers, the potential for an account for any purpose can be maximized.

<strong>Best Instagram Analytics Service</strong>
It seems impossible and ineffective if we monitor Instagram accounts manually. Seeing the regular ups and downs of Instagram can be very inaccurate. The best way is to use an analytical tool or application.With this tool, you can manage your Instagram account effectively and optimally. Apart from getting <a href=””>insights on follower growth</a>, there are other analyzes that you can use to optimize your Instagram account.
So what are the <a href=””>Instagram analytic tools</a> that you can use in 2021?

<a href=””></a> strives to provide accurate and complete information for Instagram account analysis and hashtags. With (Artificial Intelligence) support, Analisa provides complete insights into popular content, user demographics to geo trend heat maps. Help you as a instagram influencer.

<a href=””>Analisa</a> can also help you to provide actionable data for influencer campaigns, agencies, brand marketers and those doing social media marketing, especially those who specifically need a campaign for Instagram. is indeed suitable as an Instagram analysis tool that provides an opportunity for anyone to read trend on Instagram analytics for certain accounts or hashtags.
Instagram Insights / Built-in Analytics
Instagram is equipped with a built-in analytical tool that makes it easy for users to monitor account progress. With this feature, users can also check the addition and reduction of followers.
The following are data that can be explored with Instagram’s built-in analytics:
The number of additional followers
1. The number of people who stopped following
2. Followers demographic data (location, age, gender)
3. Number of post reach, impressions, and engagement
4. Number of visits to profiles and websites
5. Content and story engagement

Instagram insight, built-in analytics from Instagram
Because this feature is built into Instagram, it’s 100% free to use. It’s just that this check can only be done for business Instagram accounts and accounts with high interaction. In addition, the weakness of Instagram’s insight is that it cannot export analytical data and has limited access.

<strong>Social Bakers</strong>
Socialbakers is a social media management platform for multiple platforms. Starting from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, and YouTube.
For beginners, Socialbakers is relatively difficult to use. Even so, there are many features that can be used to optimize your Instagram account.

Following are some of the features of Social bakers:
1. Social media management
2. Content &amp; Strategy
3. Content and follower analysis (check follower growth, content interaction, demographics &amp; follower personas in sufficient detail)
4. Publication and content scheduling
5. Social Bekers, Instagram Analytics tool
Because the features offered are quite complete and premium, Socialbakers itself is now present as a paid application.

<strong>Simply Measured</strong>
This platform is known for its social media management services, as well as free Instagram analytics tools. It’s just that this account can only be used for accounts with a number of followers of less than 25,000.
Even so, Simply Measured offers a more detailed report. To use it, this service requires you to follow their account on Twitter. Quite annoying for some users, of course.

With this service, you will get detailed reports on post engagement, engagement percentage, engagement type and many other analytical data that you can use to measure the development of your Instagram account. You should try this Instagram analytic tools too.

Owlmetrics is an all-in-one tool for all things Instagram analytics. This tool can track all the main data points of an Instagram account. This includes follower growth, engagement, hashtag activity, competitor accounts, and clickthrough rates.

Owl Metrics is designed for those of you who are not satisfied with the built-in analytics performance of Instagram. For example, in terms of tracking engagement, users will get a more detailed analysis.
Users can track the most interesting photo and video filters, tags with the highest engagement, best posting times, posts with the highest engagement, highest engagement sources, and much more.

Iconosquare helps understand the link between posting frequency and the arrival and loss of followers each day. With this analysis, you can find out which content your target followers like and which posts they don’t like.
Apart from that, Iconosquare also works like Buffer which helps manage content posts on several different accounts at once. Users can simultaneously view comment activity and interaction on each post, as well as respond to the same platform.

Best of all, the platform also offers an excellent library of content ready to use. That way, users can take advantage of the library to take high-resolution images in seconds.
Because of this combination of features and analytics, Iconosquare is a promising tool for freelancers or agencies looking to save time managing multiple clients from the same dashboard.

<strong>Union Metrics</strong>
Union Metrics can analyze the last 30 days of activity on Instagram accounts. This includes providing info about the best / worst posts and follower engagement. That way, you can optimize the content that your followers prefer. If you want to be an Instagram influencer you should try this.
Union Metrics also provides the best post time analysis, and hashtags that need more optimization.

SquareLovin combines aggregate data (overall data and number of followers) with individual metrics on each post (showing overall engagement). This one service provides in-depth insights that show the best time for content.
On the other hand, the tool also explicitly tells you when not to post. That way, you will make effective use of your social media management time.