Slave training is not about someone barking orders at people or trying to change them entirely. It is about trying to make them into their best self and help them achieve the relationship that people consented to. It is to be notified that it is always important to be consistent, fair when there is the judgment of punishment and reward. Adults have already been conditioned by training by childhood and past experiences. The benefits of slave training and healthy ways help to achieve a successful training outcome.

Different techniques for Slave Training are:

Classical conditioning- Classical conditioning involves a development that is being trained to feel the response from the slave training. The person has to pair the preferred response with a chosen action.

Operant Conditioning- It is a reward system or punishment that a person can use during the training. If the person wants to maintain or to increase the behaviour, the person uses reinforcement.

Extinction- It is essential person has to ignore unwanted behaviours. It is might effective that doing something must with attention is highly important. Modelling and show must be step by step that must show something can also be beneficial.

Differential reinforcement- Differential reinforcement giving positive direction for the decrease in the undesired behaviour. An increase in behaviour prevents undesired behaviour.

In end, the conclusion is only that training never harms in any way whether it is physical, emotional or mental. The trainers didn’t give training that harms something or that is unhealthy for something.