The lymphatic function in our body is to protect fatty tissues and avoid clotting in the deep veins of the limbs. The fluid lymph which moves in the lymphatic system helps to main normal blood circulation and muscle activities. Lymphedema occurs in the body when obstruction arises in lower limb tissues due to the accumulation of excess fluid. This lymphatic blockage can cause serious limb diseases which can lead to permeant failure of lower limbs is this aspect “lymphedema pump or compression pump is a perfect option and solution.

What is Lymphedema?

The lymphatic disease is irredeemable and according to an international study of Lymphedema impact done by the Canadian Medical Research Centre in 2019 it was recorded about 7.3% of cases had primary stage and around 92.65% cases had a secondary stage. The highest number of swelling was observed in lower limbs (90%) and inflammation in the foot has the second-highest cases of lymphedema (80%). Lymphedema compression pumps for legs is very beneficial in this kind of cases.

The main difference between primary and secondary Lymphedema is the age factor. Most cases are detected in the secondary category of lymphatic illness because it was due to some major causes including cardiovascular diseases, injuries, cancer therapy and distension conditions. To reduce this disease’s effects, medical experts especially radiologists and lymphologists suggested some lymphedema compression pumps for legs that can be used for the treatment of the lymphatic system for example lymphedema pump or compression pump.

Lymphedema Pump:

Compression pumps are devices used to push accumulated fluid out of the tissue to restore the normal muscles movement and blood circulation system. These lymphedema pumps apply light pressure on the body which helps to create rhythmic muscle fibers movement. The swollen areas of the legs can be treated with the help of lymphedema compression pumps for legs. The usage of compression pumps can provide satisfactory results for the patients and if they use it properly with guidance then positive results can be recorded in minimum duration.

Functions of Lymphedema Pump:

Remember these “lymphedema compression pumps for legs” are not designed for regular garments or exercise, their main purpose is to help patients suffering from swollen feet, toes, and leg muscles.

The key of role compression pump is:

  • To Reduce Swelling Disorder:

If the patient uses compression devices such as lymphedema pump or compression pump for proper recommended days then the consistent swelling and soreness in lower limbs muscles will be diminished. This is the main issue that creates other problems within the victim’s internal body functions. The sooner swelling syndrome lessens the faster the natural healing process will be started. In this case you badly need lymphedema compression pumps for legs to get some sort of relaxment.

  • To Soften Lower Limb Tendons:

Muscle tissues are extremely weak and sensitive, their care is the utmost priority for a healthy person. The pump helps to relax skin tissues and fewer chances of fibrosis will be created.

If scar tissues under the skin of lower limbs start increasing then skin cancer is inevitable. Pumps are the only hope to balance the flexibility and reduction of tenderness.

  • To Increase Blood Movement:

The blood vessels and muscle tissues are interconnected in all parts of our body. Failure of ligaments can direct effects the veins and arteries of your lower limbs. The compression sleeves use mild pressure to continue the circulation of blood and lower body ligaments will give an ideal performance.

  • To Enhance Lymphatic Fluid Motion:

The main reason to use compression stockings which were mentioned before is to evade lymphatic clots inside muscle tissues of the legs.

Lymphedema pumps will enhance muscle flexibility and build strength in your muscle tissues. Pressure applied to patients’ limbs will indirectly generate mobility with the air pumping effect and lymphatic fluid will move smoothly in the muscles.

  • To Protect Foot Skin from Damage:

Foot skin erosion and toes dryness are among the chief symptoms of Lymphedema but with medical devices suggested by dermatologists, the foot skin can be protected and eventually cured if portable compression pumps are used daily.

  • To avoid DVT and PE:

Deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism are rare diseases commonly seen in people who have lungs or heart problems. If lymphatic infection increases then blood vessels will be directly affected causing blood clots in the deep portion of capillaries.

“Compression pump gears assist blood veins/arteries to maintain the valve opening and increase blood velocity. With the help of lymphedema compression pumps for legs the pressure on leg muscles builds suitable movement in the blood vessels and the heart pumping rate increases. The circulatory and respiratory systems will boost up and DVT/PE will be prevented.

Types of a Lymphedema Pump:

There are three main types of lymphedema pump  which have the same function but are crafted according to patients need.

  • Portable pressure sleeves
  • Socks
  • Stockings

1- Portable Pressure Sleeves:

These compression devices are made to promote healing and ease of distress. They consist of a battery, long fabric sleeves for legs, and a led control panel. This pump consists of various modes, pressure ranges, and designs that are made according to customers’ requirements.

They can be used with or without socks or stockings depending on doctors’ approval.

2- Socks:

They are not regular socks and cannot be used for daily purposes. These socks apply gentle pressure to your legs and avoid continuous swelling.

They are made for those lymphedema patients who suffer skin irritation or weak muscles due to severe disease.

3- Stockings:

Stockings are slightly different from pumping socks; the only difference is the length and extra features such as a led display patch with manual buttons.

They perform the same functions to decrease all-over pain and increase blood flow to stop lymphatic deposits in the legs muscles.

Medshoola Lymphedema Compression Pumps for Legs:

The Medshoola products are formed specifically for patients who are facing life-threatening conditions and laying on the bed for a long duration. Medshoola lymphedema pump is completely portable and easy to use because it does not consist of heavy large hardware to assemble and then use these pair of pumps which comes in three separate classes:

  • Standard Compression Pumps
  • Compression Support Socks
  • Support wear Compression High Stocking

Medshoola pumps are the best in the U.S market to give lower limbs muscles flexibility and can be used as a single piece or paired with other Medshoola products. Easy to use and comfortable to wear, provided with stress-free guidelines to operate, and have long durability.

They are considered the best in the market. Stop thinking and buy them from this website, if you don’t want to lose your loved ones who are going through Lymphatic treatment.