This is the question which many YouTube video marketers ask themselves. And to answer this question, you have to understand that the marketing budget of your competitor is not the same as yours. If you are running a startup then it will be very difficult for you to match the marketing budget of your competitors who are big brands in their own area. However, there are several methods by which you can promote your YouTube video without spending much money on it. Let’s have a look at them:


  1. Submit Your Video To Relevant Subreddits


As I explained in my previous article , Reddit is one of the most powerful websites when it comes to generating traffic from different sources including social media sites like Facebook and Twitter . When you submit your video into relevant subreddits, it gets added to the subreddit videos which is seen by thousands of users. This will ultimately add a backlink to your video and will help you in increasing its rank.


  1. Use Social Bookmarking Sites To Promote Your Video


Social bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious or StumbleUpon can be very useful for getting higher ranking of your video on search engine results pages (SERPs). When people come to these sites and click on the “Submit” button after entering some text related to your business niche, then this link will get submitted to different social bookmarking sites including Facebook groups and Twitter profiles attaching an image of your video. This way you can promote your YouTube video without spending any money! However, I recommend you to buy some StumbleUpon traffic for this purpose.


  1. Use Social Media Like Facebook, Twitter And Google Plus To Promote Your Video On these social media sites you can create new posts related to your business niche and share them with relevant users on these websites. You can also use hashtags while sharing your content so that it gets listed in the search engine results page of relevant topics which will ultimately bring targeted visitors to your website or blog. As I explained here , hashtags are very useful for increasing the visibility of any post on major social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter .
  2. Network With Different Websites This is another very good way by which you can promote your YouTube video without spending much money on it. You just need to make a list of relevant websites in your business niche and contact their owners via social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. Ask them to share your video on their website with an image from your YouTube video attached to it. If that site is having enough traffic then this will help you in gaining traction for your video very quickly.


  1. Create A Blog In Your Niche And Promote The Link Of Video There are thousands of people who want to start blogging but don’t know how they can create a blog and promote it properly. When you own a blog and post some unique content related to your YouTube video there, link the same with the description of the YouTube video so that when someone visits that he/she gets redirected to your YouTube video. This way you can easily promote your video by spending a very less amount of money.


  1. Use Google Plus Communities For Promoting Your Video On Google Plus, you can join the relevant communities and post a link to your YouTube video there with a good description about it so that people will share it on their own profiles which will ultimately help in increasing the number of views, likes and subscription for your video.


  1. Submit Video In Other Websites Like Vimeo And Dailymotion You can submit your YouTube video on other popular websites like Vimeo and Dailymotion as well to get more traffic from different sources for free. However, before submitting your videos on these websites make sure that they are not violating any copyright issues or infringing someone’s intellectual property.


  1. Use Youtube Inbuilt Features To Promote Your Video YouTube has a lot of useful features which can be used to promote your video on its own website without doing much effort . You can do this by commenting on different videos, subscribing to the channels which you feel are related to your business niche and liking their videos which in turn will add backlink to your profile page in YouTube search engine results page. You can also share other people’s videos and put links in description with proper hashtags so that it gets listed in the search results for relevant topics . Just visit hereĀ  to know how you can get more likes and subscribers for your channel easily.


  1. Use Wiki For Getting Backlinks If you have an article on Wikipedia related to your business niche then you can link the same with YouTube video description with proper hashtags. This way those interested in related topics will visit your website and watch your video as well which is a win-win situation for you and help in driving targeted visitors easily to your blog or website.


  1. Use Social Bookmarking Sites For Promoting Your Video You can use social bookmarking sites like Digg, Pinterest and Delicious with relevant keywords attached to it so that they appear on top of search results pages when someone searches for that particular keyword on any search engine . Make sure that before using these websites for promoting your videos, you must do proper research about their rules and regulations because violation of rules may land up your account in spam list which will affect your website severely.


  1. Use Social Media Sites Like Facebook, Twitter And Reddit For Promoting Your Video Sharing your video on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit can help you in generating huge traction for your business videos . You just need to attach the link of your YouTube video with proper description so that people start sharing it on their profiles which will in turn go viral in a short time and bring in a decent number of visitors every day depending upon the popularity of the thread.


  1. Run Competitions And Giveaway Prize If your YouTube video is of VIRAL type and able to go viral easily then you can run competition of MVPing it by asking people to share their views on your YouTube video with proper hashtags for tagging so that they get a chance to win some attractive prizes like Android Smartphone, Ipad or cash money. You can also use voucher code promotion method like offering 20% discount for those who subscribe and comment on your blog within first 10 days .


  1. Create A Blog To Promote Your Video Creating a blog related to your business niche and promoting your YouTube videos as well as other contents on the same can help you in driving a very good number of visitors every day at no cost . Just post contents related to your video with proper description and attach the link at proper places so that it is easy for visitors to find out the best sources of videos on internet .


  1. Use Related Keywords You can also find keywords related to your niche and tag them with YouTube URLs which will help in getting listed among search results but make sure that you use these key words wisely because using them excessively may lead to penalties by Google.