You are a manufacturer selling products. But most of the times, you find yourself in a situation when you are not sure the quantity of packaging to order. This thing lands you in big trouble. And there are many a times when you find yourself in a situation when you have wasted a great deal of money, time, and effort, and still you were able to attain nothing out of it. Therefore, it’s best that you should know when to buy Custom Packaging Supplies and when it’s suitable that you get a small order for your products.

This piece covers those elements to help you make a better decision.

Limited Order


When You Are a Newbie: It’s not ideal for you to have a huge number of packaging ordered when it’s just the start of your business. You are not sure how your products or packaging will respond for now. People do not know about your brand. Your sales will definitely not be that high in the first few months. Therefore, it’s best that in the beginning of your setup, you place a limited number of packaging. When you store packaging for long in the warehouse, it can lose its appeal. It can become dirty and rough. You can always order a new batch when you are running low on packaging. But ordering a large quantity in the very beginning will not be a wise choice.


When you are On a Budget: We know that when you have limited amount to spend, it will compromise one factor or the other. For instance, you can order a large number of packaging, but the quality may not be fine. But if you want high quality packaging, then its best you place a smaller order. In saying that, when you are on a limited budget, its best to choose quality over quantity. A bad packaging will drive your customers away. This way, you lost both your customers as well as all the money spent on packaging. And you got nothing out of it.


Limited Edition Item: There are times when a company will launch a product for a limited time. For say a watch. It’s a limited edition watch. You will definitely need new and exciting packaging for that. But be sure not to place a large number of boxes for it. Its best you order the exact number of boxes as the number of product itself. Maybe a few more than the actual number, but not more than that. These boxes won’t be of any use to you when the limited edition product is out of stock. You cannot pack your regular product in a limited edition packaging.


Packaging Based on Events and Occasions: Packaging that is based on certain events like Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah happen once every year. So you don’t need a Christmas packaging all around the year, or for Halloween, or any other event for that matter.


Bulk Order


When You Are an Established Brand with Large Orders:

A brand that is already been in the industry for a fair amount of time has a large number of followers. Their products go out the store doors like hotcake. They can order a large quantity of packaging without any fear because they will have to keep up with their products order because of the high demand.


When Your Production Is Massive Production:

You know your products are doing fairly good. Your brand has a lot of recognition. Customers know the type of products you manufacturer and its quality. You have a great deal of regulars. In cases like such, it’s okay to order watches, vape, cosmetic, and jewelry, edible or Custom Wholesale Packaging supplies wholesale. You know you will be able to get rid of your stock even before you know it.Now you will know when to order boxes for candles, vape, cosmetic or devices and in how much quantity.