If you’re constantly battling with oily skin, you may be thinking about whether you still need to use lotions. You probably skip the use of additional liquids on your skin, worrying they might only make your skin look greasier. But the thing is, an oily face or skin needs a moisturiser even more. 

The right product can help protect your skin against damaging external elements, such as UV rays. Slathering lotion helps hydrate skin and prevent breakouts. It can give your skin a smooth feel as opposed to the unappealing shine. 

Here are a few tips when deciding where to buy the best oil control lotion whether online or from physical stores.

  1. Check the label. It can be a little overwhelming, but knowing what’s in the skincare product you’re using can help you prevent issues down the road. Since you’re concerned about oily skin, you want your lotion to be oil-free, lightweight, and non-comedogenic or less likely to block the pores. If the lotion feels too heavy on the skin, you might hesitate to use it regularly, especially with daily sun exposure. Lotions are generally lighter than creams and may work better for oily skin. 
  2. See if the product is hypoallergenic. Check if the lotion is also gentle on the skin and won’t trigger irritants. Among the challenges of having oily skin is having clogged pores and inflamed skin. You’ll want to counter these issues by choosing a product formulated to work even for the most sensitive skin. The lotion shouldn’t sting or smell too much when applied. Too much or strong fragrances may only cause more harm than good. See as well if it’s free of potential irritants, such as parabens. 
  3. Look for exfoliating agents. If you’ve been dealing with breakouts, you need a calming solution that can help prevent bumps, clogs, and inflammation. It also helps if the product has antibacterial features to help get rid of bacteria and prevent issues from worsening. It shouldn’t leave the skin dry. Instead, regular use should result in an improved complexion.
  4. Check out customer reviews. If users are raving about the moisturiser or lotion, chances are it may be worth trying. Don’t focus on the price alone. Remember you’re looking for results. Get a small size first, if possible, so you can see how it works for your skin. If you love how the luxury skincare product feels and you deem it’s the best among those you’ve tried so far, enjoy it even if it costs more than the price you normally spend. 
  5. Seek advice from professionals. The range of skincare products available online can be intimidating. If you’re still unsure where and how to get started, consult with a dermatologist. Talk about your primary concerns and previous experiences with products. Share your goals as well so your dermatologist can recommend appropriate options.

Once you have decided which specific brand and product to try, be sure to shop from reputable online stores. If you are to buy what’s considered the best oil control lotion, then you also need to go to its official store or recognised distributors to ensure you’re receiving genuine items.